Free Music Downloads from the Best Sites

Music is life for many. You can get free music from The Internet with simply downloading songs from many websites, but all those illegal music downloading sites are not the only options. If you decide to support and spread awareness to people about the protection of rights, then artists, labels and retailers will have worry free life. With many streaming services online right now like – Pandora, Tidal, Spotify that provide free music to listen and premium subscription for offline access.

Apart from these, there are many good websites from where you can download music for free, and legally they allow you to store their music on your local devices. You need to look at right places to get free music from big artists, but it is worth a find. You may think the music from these free labels is not enough, but I am sure you will change your perception after listening to these. Apart from music downloading sites, there are many apps for this purpose too. But in this post, I will be covering some of the best sites to download free music.

In the list, you will find the best free music downloads sites and all are totally legal and free to download. Enjoy!!!

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Soundcloud is the world’s leading sound creating and sharing social platform where you can directly create the sound and you can also share it with anyone or everyone. The website is offering you the opportunity to share your created sound with your social friends in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Foursquare.

free music download via soundcloud

You can share your sounds privately with anyone you want which requires a simple mouse click. You can access the Soundcloud from your iPhone and Android phone using the official apps download and can create the sound along with the sharing facility there also. You need to register with a free account through which you can access the site easily. I love to use the latest apps like KORG iPolysix, Music Xray Full, Ableton Live, CD Baby and BandPage very much.


MP3.com is the best free music downloading site that is offered the privilege to download and upload the sound or music of your which has launched by CBS Interactive globally. For getting the service you need to get registered free of cost by opening an account here with all your information and then you can get the opportunity to use the website.

free mp3 of the day from mp3 dot com

You can get the downloadable music here with different categories like Acoustic, Electronic, Emo, Hardcore, Classical, Folk, Blues, Metal, Rock, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in a bulk volume. You may get the music as per the rank such as, Label of the week, Weekly Playlist, The Spotlight etc. where you could get yourself as the profound singer also. You may also get the latest music videos there to watch for free.


Audio Archive is the largest online MP3 and audio library where you can get over two hundred thousands digital sounds that you can use for free. Among these you may get the Grateful Dead Concerts, alternative News Programming, Book and Poetry Readings, famous Old Time Radio shows and original music uploads in a regular way that must give you the pleasure of getting the nostalgic feelings.

hundred thousand free digital recordings

You need to open the account to get the service from this website. I liked to hear -The great British Dance Bands Of 1930’s, We Grow With Love VII, Rouqia which are the best downloaded items here.


Jamendo is the largest platform for getting the over 55,000 music albums of the private artists which you can use anytime anywhere globally. The added advantage for you that you will be getting the Jamendo TV and Jamendo Radio along with the free music on the site for absolutely free of cost.

Free music downloads for private use


You can create your personal album here and can share it globally with anyone. You can get the license for your private music album by the website with a low cost. I have got some exclusive sound track from the site such as ‘Summer Love GYAKO’, ‘Ready For Rapture’, ‘Depart’ for free


CCMixter is the website where you can get the music community featuring the remix music with the license under Creative Commons. Here you can ‘listen to’ the music, mash-up it and interact with it in any form and any way.

music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons


The apps such as ‘Sample Pack’ and ‘A Cappellas’ which you can download and through it you can remix your own music album and upload it to the site again for free of cost.


The last.fm is the great website for getting the free music which you can download easily from the site. For that you need to sign up to the site and you can interact with the community there where you can get the solutions regarding any of your queries regarding the site or its apps. You can download the apps to your mobile and desktop to get the service better.

Download free music MP3s on Last.fm

Apart from English it is available in other 10 international languages which is an added advantage for you. You can get the apps from the site such as Fast or Slow, Balloon Race, Gender Plot, Listening Clock, Restore Artist Track and many more which will give you better experience to grab the music in a better way.


SoundClick is the free music download site which established in 1997 as a social media platform and chronologically it has come up with thousands of music albums and audio tracks which you can get downloaded from here for free of cost.

free MP3 download and hosting

It is offering the free member’s profile page, free MP3 download, Audio and Video Streaming facility, Music Charts, Custom Radio Stations and many more options are there which you can get from their website.


PureVolume is the pure web effort for discovering the new and talented artists from the different parts of the globe with their new music and emerging talents. It is offering to each artist to create the free profile page with their details and their streaming. They can even upload their private shows, photos which could be the professional campaigning material to get new contacts.

host mp3s and get exposure

Artists can have the chance to download the music and songs of the other artists for free of costs. Listeners and fans can also get the opportunity to interact with the artists through this website. Apart from the online services it is also sponsoring the music events, music shows to search for the new talents throughout the US.


`The FreeMusicArchieve is the online music store where you could get over 65000 of music tracks for download and it is claimed by the site that they are offering only the ‘Best Music’ nothing else. You may get FMA as the free apps in your iPhone also. You can browse the music tracks by different categories like, Blues, Countries, Classic,Hip Hop, International, Rock, Spoken, Soul-RnB and many more.

It's not just free music; it's good music

It is offering the free music downloads through the Creative Common license and the unique part of their service is that it is offering a huge collection of ‘Birthday Songs’ which you can download for free.


Newgrounds is the unique music archive where you can get the exclusive experience of free music download, gaming, watching movies, and information about the new and renowned artists who have uploaded their songs and music albums. The music tracks are divided into various ranks such as, high ranking classics, Best Audio of this year, Best Audio of this month, Popular Audio and many more.

Newgrounds.com Audio Portal

You can get here the opportunity to listen the sound track of your favorite video games which is the unique point of their service.


NoiseTrade is offering thousands of music tracks for free of cost which you can download for free of cost and legally from the website. If you are an artist, you can get the opportunity to make thousands of your fan through email and postal code exchanges which is doing by the website as the free service to promote the new music talents globally.


You can share your music with thousands of fans for free with this site who are visiting this website regularly.


Amazon is the biggest web portal where you can get the facility to grab the free music for download. You need to log on to the site to get the music for free download. You may browse the categories by their genres.

amazon free music downloads

You can download the Amazon Cloud Player to your Kindle Fire, iPhone, Android device for free and get the music for playing them offline. You can get up to 250,000 yearly for rent also.