Face Recognition System in Casinos

Face Recognition

An increasing number of casinos are using facial recognition software to prevent blocked players from using the games on offer. The trend is clear, because in various countries from Japan to China (Macau) to New Zealand, there are already casinos where the surveillance system is equipped with additional facial recognition.

Better Player Protection | The Perks of Technology

In every reputable casino, like the ones that can be found on the best no account casinos list at OnlineCasinoProfy, players want to protect themselves and have the option of setting up a block. In many places, this block is controlled in practice by requiring each customer to present an ID card or other official identification document. Thus, in practice, it is hardly possible to enter a casino as a blocked player even without facial recognition. Still, personal identification control is not common worldwide. For casinos without this control, facial recognition is an important tool to specifically identify players who are not eligible to participate in the casino games. 

Especially the large providers invest a lot of money to enable seamless video surveillance. In casinos without identification control and without facial recognition, player protection works mainly by the fact that the employees are required to recognize the problematic players and remove them from the casino before they play. Still, large operators with a very large number of banned players on their lists have it harder and things naturally do not work perfectly. 

Facial recognition can thus make an important contribution to protecting players from themselves. Still, extensive facial recognition in the casino is also another step towards seamless surveillance in everyday life. There are various legal issues that would make it significantly more difficult to introduce facial recognition in casinos in Europe, for example, than in many other regions.

Full-Time Monitoring | Not only for Problematic Gamblers

It is an honorable claim to protect problem gamblers from themselves. But with facial recognition, basically, all people captured by the video system are subjected to a facial check. Besides, facial recognition is currently mainly carried out by private casino operators. This creates new problem areas, which in a constitutional state should at least lead to very strong state control. Facial recognition can also be faulty. It is entirely possible that the wrong people will be excluded from the casino. 

So far, there are comparatively few casinos that use facial recognition. However, the more casinos with facial recognition there will be, the more frequently there will be errors.

The ID control is in practice quite sufficient to prevent the players who have locked themselves from being excluded. With such a control, the casino can also ensure that undesirable players stay outside. For example, those who have already attracted attention via fraud in the casino can be effectively deterred. ID control is a much smaller intrusion into personal rights than facial recognition. 

Personal Identification Control | An Alternative to Face ID

Theoretically, online casinos could also use facial recognition to lock out certain players or to exclude minors. Well, kucasino online offers the way to open the casino account by scanning players face. However, facial recognition is far from perfect and the effort would be huge to implement control this way.

The current control, on the other hand, has gained acceptance in online gambling. Reputable online casinos often require their customers to verify their customer data with an official identification document before accepting their bonuses or claiming their first payout. A digital copy, which is checked by customer service, is sufficient. In recent years, it has been shown that this measure is also well suited to effectively prevent banned players from playing at the respective online casino.