Earn Extra Cash For the Summer (And Beyond) Writing Essays

Writing Essay

Do you have a way with words? As a student, is writing papers the most natural part of your coursework? Do you consistently get high marks on your essays and papers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider lending a hand to students who are less skilled than you.

If you haven’t considered getting paid to write or how it can benefit you, we’re here today to explain why you should. The benefits of becoming a professional essay writer – even as a side gig – are numerous. Let’s look at few of the more significant examples.


#1 – Your Skills Are In Demand

Everyone wants to be a writer. The sad fact of the matter, though, is that most people aren’t good at it and will never be very good at it. Academic writing is a very intimidating task, even for some of the best students out there. Right now, there are scores of students laboring over even simple writing assignments thinking, “I sure wish I could get someone to write my work for me …” This is where you come in.

It isn’t that those students don’t understand the subject; they have a hard time articulating that understanding in writing. The fact that you can do that puts you in a unique position to help a student in need.


#2 – You Do Not Have To Compromise Your Personal Ethics

If you are worried about the ethics behind writing someone else’s paper for them, let us put your mind at rest. As a freelancer, you have the option to decide what projects you take and how much of the work you do for the client. Some students will flat out pay for someone to write a paper from scratch, and that is a service offered by many agencies both on- and offline. Whether you choose to do that degree of the work or not is up to you. It isn’t always required.

You do have the option of working more closely with students and organizing coherent papers with them. The student does the research, you help him (or her) put all the ideas together in a way that is presentable to a teacher or professor.


#3 – You Will Help Develop Other People’s Writing Skills

Many students will only ever need help with one or two papers to develop enough confidence to start handling their writing assignments on their own. If you like the idea of helping people in that way, working as a professional essay writer grants you that opportunity.

Watching people grow in both intellect and confidence is extremely rewarding. Knowing that you played a role in their success will give you a real sense of accomplishment. People will be called upon to express themselves in writing in numerous situations in life. You can help them get good at it early on.


How To Make Money As An Essay Writer

Academic writing is one of the most under-served niches in the world of copywriting. There are plenty of freelance writers out there who can deliver excellent web copy but would never be able to manage quality work on an academic paper. This places you in a unique position to put those sought-after skills to work. You have many options for how to proceed in getting started.

Advertise On Social Media – Consider offering your services on any social platform with a strong college-age demographic. Twitter and Instagram and particularly useful places to advertise your services.

The only downside to establishing yourself on social media is that you will likely need to invest in paid ads to get enough reach to attract clients. You should also have a website established to reinforce your credibility and showcase your skills. If you don’t have these things (or the means to develop them), you might want to consider an option that doesn’t require that level of investment or overhead.

Become a Freelancer – Sites like Upwork provide free access to thousands of writing jobs, including academic writing contracts. You will be bidding for employment alongside other writers who specialize in essays and term papers so be sure to have several good samples of your writing available to help sell your skills. All you need is a complete profile and a small portfolio of samples, and you are ready to start earning.

Work Directly With An Essay Writing Service – To narrow the pool of available projects even further; you might want to apply to work directly for a site that specializes in academic writing and editing. Sites like EssayPro utilize the skills of talented writers with proven abilities to earn high marks on papers to help others do the same. If you have knowledge and experience in a given area (especially a degree), there are sites out there that will pay you to share it with their clients.

The best part of all these options is that you are in charge of your earnings. You set your schedule, charge what you wish for your services, and are never under pressure to punch a clock or answer to a boss. You work directly with your clients or the agency that sends them to you and are, for the most part, your boss. If you are still a student yourself or are working full-time, being a professional academic writer can provide you with a stable, recession-proof income that you will be able to leverage for many years to come.