10 Tips That Help You To Draw New Customer By Social Media

Are you looking to enhance your target audience reach through social media? Don’t need to worry at all, as I will help you out with 10 useful tips to draw new customers via social media.

All of us aware of the fact, that Social Media for Business is one of an essential platforms not only to reach maximum people but also to spread brand awareness. Today, every single person has their account on one or more social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

If we go by the statistical analysis, as of Jan 2017, there are 2.8 billion active social media users across the globe. As expected, Facebook is the most popular social media network with 1.9 billion active monthly users followed by YouTube (1 Billion), Instagram (600 million), Twitter (317 million), Pinterest (317 million).


Therefore, most of the marketers want to get recognition on social media for maximum acquisition. If your presence on social media is up to the mark, your business growth can scale unlimited heights.

Here are those 10 tips, which will help you in getting new customers by using social media marketing:

  1. You Should be Present on Google Plus and Facebook:

As the above-mentioned stats also reveals, Facebook is the most popular social sites around the world. You will surprise to know that people in between the age of 18-49 spend 7 hours per week on Facebook.

On an average, around 75% user spends more than 20 minutes on Facebook on a daily basis. Similarly, Google Plus also has some unmatched stats that proves that you should make sure your presence on these busy social media networks.

One more thing to remember that keep your all the necessary information live on these social sites and all that info should be correct and relevant to your doings. Keep updating every useful and new information on the sites at regular intervals to hang around the viewers.

  1. Personal Social Media Pages:

Apart from your presence on social media platforms, the best way to earn more new customers is to make your pages on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

This would help you to know your vision of the idea of different target groups on various sites.  Also, you can understand how to pitch various users on every site because all these social sites somehow differ from each other, so you must make a different strategy for different platforms.

  1. Make Regular Changes on Your Social Media Presence:

All the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter always believe in quick innovations in their functionality to match the likes and preferences of the people. They regularly come with interesting and engaging features to retain the users.

Therefore, you should also do experiments on your presence at regular intervals to get the initiative. For instance, you can create your own YouTube Channel and uploads some interesting videos related to your business; it will help in boosting your rankings on different search engines.

  1. Target on The Basis of Demographics:

Social media is undoubtedly the best way to reach your target audience on the basis of demographics. If you want to target women, Facebook is the best among all as more than 83% females are active on Facebook.

Similarly, YouTube is best for males, and LinkedIn is suitable for professionals and B2B promotions. By using these demographics, you can diversify your social media strategy according to your different business pages. It will surely give you quick results.

  1. Schedule Your Blog Posts:

This is a fact that if you are not serious about the timings of your post on social media platforms, you might not be reached to the maximum number of targeted audience.

Therefore, you should know the best time to publish your informative blogs on social media. For Facebook and Twitter, the evening is the best time to publish your post, while, LinkedIn prefers early morning posts in the middle of every the week. Some social sites allow you to schedule your posts according to peak hours.

  1. Match Up with The Stream:

If you want to get attention by the maximum targeted audience, then your content updated on social media pages should be according to the latest trends circulating in the social media.

To be very frank, there is not any ways or method to know what exactly the correct post is to generate flawless traffic. So, the ideal thing is to understand your customers and then create exactly that content.

  1. Advertise Your Social Media Pages:

Social media is a broad medium, and it takes the time to get the expertise as you have to manage your presence across multiple channels. When you understand these social mediums, it’s time to create user-friendly blogs for promoting your brand.

The best strategy for promotion is to handover the project to professionals. When you advertise your brand on social media, it allows you to increase your size of the audience.

To manage the budget, some businesses have this tendency to maintain their social media pages to the inside personals, but it tends to affect the quality. Paid advertising is an important aspect to get desired results.

  1. Video Broadcasting:

To add on more audience and increase the retention duration, you have the option to add live video feeds of your projects on social media pages. This is the best and trending way to publicize your products.

You can also organize live training sessions or webinars to understand the audience about your brand better. In these video sessions, your audience will be in front of you and directly put their queries to you which you will solve at that moment.

Inevitably, your customer engagements will increase simultaneously.

  1. Execute Innovative Ways:

Getting creative and advanced functionalities into your working can help you to engage the newer audience with your brand. Social media allows you to witness new ways, which often goes viral and attract users.

For example, Facebook has recently added a new feature which lets users take 360* videos and photos. This is something different from regular live video post, and you can give your customers a chance to experience your facilities in the more real way.

  1. Stay Away from Fake News Methodology:

As Social media become widespread its network, problems related to fake news gradually becomes viral. Marketers think that it can boost engagements, but at the same time, it can also affect the rapport of your company or brand.

Customers now become more aware of the adulterated content, and it will not take much time for them to move away from you.

Therefore, always be real about your content to be published on various social media platforms and your sources should be credible.

Final Words:

Although it looks simple on first go to fetch expected traffic with the help of social media, seriously, it is a very complicated process to maximize your impact of business among your target audience.

Expertise along with dedication and efficiency are what you require reaching your goals with social media.