Best Ways to Hide Your IP Address

IP Address

Just like your bank account, you’re identified by a series of numbers that have been assigned to you. You might have heard it referred to before as an IP (Internet Protocol) Address. Almost like your home address, but it’s your virtual designation to keep track of you and anyone else using your internet.

Now this does come with a risk just like anything else. Something that the wise ones stay prepared for, so they don’t end up becoming a victim that takes an unnecessary loss. One of the ways that this can be done is to hide your IP address, or even change it at times where you’re able to do so. Let’s take a look at some of the tactics used today to embrace the secrecy of your IP address and minimize risk.

Anonymous Proxies Masks Your IP

Instead of using your IP address like normally done without an anonymous proxy, the IP address of the proxy itself is used. This helps mask your IP address by telling the server that your IP address is different than what it is. Many find this to be a decent solution for added security.

Another use of anonymous proxies happens to be to access websites which might otherwise be blocked if you were using your actual IP address. Whether it’s due to a firewall on your network, the country you live in, or your IP provider, a proxy will bypass all of that. The result is that it will access websites that can be accessed normally from its originating country.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

This is the most classic method of hiding your IP address. It’s like a tunnel to the internet, which is able to help provide you with a more secure connection while allowing you to choose a different country in where the IP address is picked from. There is absolutely no usage of your personal IP address when connecting to servers, which ensures your security is of the utmost priority.

Keep in mind that different VPNs have different sets of strengths and weaknesses. Some might be great for downloading while others are great for enhancing security. Think about your internet usage and the needs that you have before you decide to settle with a particular VPN. By doing this, you’ll be able to pick the one that’s right for you instead of having to waste time trying out tons of VPN apps.

Now something that you might not have thought about is specifically why you should be using a VPN, as it may just seem like a basic thing to do since almost everyone is doing it. However, everyone has their own reason, so make sure you know your why beforehand to prevent any headaches. You can even click here to test out a free VPN.

Change Your IP Address Manually

This is one of the simplest methods available, and great if your IP address becomes blocked by a certain website. All you must do is unplug your modem/router for 10-20 seconds. Then plug it back in, upon booting up it will assign you a new IP address. Keep in mind that this doesn’t work if you have a dedicated IP address assigned by your IP provider, but you would know as this is an additional service.

Mobile Networks Are Also an Option

Instead of using your home network or work network, consider using the hotspot on your phone. Or even a device used for data only plans. This will use the IP address of your mobile network rather than the one that you use for your home or work network. There are also added precautions that can be taken which are featured in the upcoming sections of this post.

Secure Browsers Help Protect Privacy

There are many different types of secure browsers that you can use. Of course, they are all operating system specific, meaning different ones work for Windows and different ones work for Apple. You can easily find these online or via your app store. Most of the time these come free of charge as they’re usually open source projects that developers around the world have contributed to.

You might be wondering how you know which one will suit your needs specifically. No need to worry as the modern age has got you covered! The folks over at Hacker Noon have prepared for this moment and provided an overview of the most popular anonymous browsers on the market today.

Use Phone Apps to Hide Mobile IP Addresses

You’ll have to go to the app store on your phone for this step. However, it’s a solid option as these apps were designed to hide the mobile IP address your phone uses. You don’t need to install it on your computer as it will need to work directly with the mobile network. This doesn’t top the tried and true method of using VPNs though, as virtual private networks for mobile devices provide the most security which you’ll see in greater detail within the next section.

Wi-Fi Networks Provide Their Own IP

This is one of the least common ways to hide your IP address as people don’t go rushing to find the nearest hotspot in their neighborhood. However, it’s one of the most reliable ways to do it. Since it would be using the internet of the location, it’s not directly traced to you. Instead, it’s traced to the business or location that you visit to get use of their Wi-Fi.

As you can see, there are many ways to hide your IP and your online identity. These are just the most popular, and as time passes new methods are sure to evolve. Make sure you stay on top of the latest tech breakthroughs to ensure you’re taking the most advantage of your options. You never know when your current tactic is going to be replaced with something new or simply improved on. In this modern day and age, no solution lasts forever in its original version. The needs of the world are demanding.

Image Credits: IP Address from Constantin Stanciu /Shutterstock