Best tips on how to spend the lottery winnings

lottery winnings

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It is not easy to win the lottery, so once you become a lottery winner, it is a dream come true. You will be excited, of course, because you are one in millions of people to win. And after you claim your prize, you will get a huge amount of money, especially if you hit a jackpot. However, the truth is that not many lottery winners know how to deal with their newfound wealth afterwards.

It is ideal to ask for advice from your professionals. If you are not confident to deal with financial issues, you should hire professionals to do it for you. They can be a tax attorney, or a licensed accountant who you can trust. You need to talk to them, ask for qualified help in order to make wise decisions with your lottery winnings. Here are some ideas of using your lucky money!

#1. Make sure you pay off all your debt

When you have a big amount of money, one of the wise things to do is to get rid of your debt, especially the one you’re stuck with for years. It can be student loans, credit cards, a second mortgage, or auto loans. It is fine to keep your primary mortgage if you donít want to use all of your money paying off debt, as long as it still remains a low interest rate. Remember that if you have more money, you will have higher tax. And no one really wants to pay a lot of taxes. So, just pay off all your high interest debt, and if you still have the money, talk to your professionals about what to do next.

#2. Set up your investment account and diversify it

You can either open an account to invest in stocks, or you can invest in real estates. Either way, you should ask for advice from professionals. If you donít have an investment account, open one immediately. If you have no idea about the stock market, look for a trustworthy broker. A good way to begin your journey is to invest in index funds. And remember not to put all your eggs in one basket, which means you need to diversify the account. You will be amazed at how much return you get in the next few years.

Open an investment account and diversify it

#3. Open a savings account for emergency

Anyone can run into some financial problems in their lives, even millionaires. They can be caused by an accident, an economic crisis, illness, etc. So it is never too late to set up an emergency fund for yourself. Opening a high-yield savings account is a good way to spend your winnings. An ideal amount is enough to pay for six months of your expenses.

#4. Put away money for retirement

If you donít want to burn all of your lottery winnings and then go back to work when you are 70 years old, put away a percentage of it into retirement accounts. In fact, many lottery winners ended up broke and poor after a few years of claiming their prizes. One of the main reasons is because they werenít smart with their money, including not creating a retirement account.

#5. Set up a college fund

If you are lucky enough to win the jackpot at an early age, allocate a percentage of your winnings to pay for your college in the future. By doing that, you donít have to worry about your tuition fee as well as other costs to pursue your education. If you have already graduated from college, set up a fund for your kids or someone else that you want to support. These funds will be very meaningful for the personís education. Again, make sure that you talk to your professionals, or look into college savings plans from some consulting firms.

#6. Donate your money for charity

Donate for charity to help people

You are one in millions of people to be lucky enough to win a jackpot, but there are so many people who are not that fortunate. They are struggling with their lives, facing a really hard time. If you know someone who is close to you and is in that situation, you can share some of your money with them. Or you can donate to a church, or a charity, your money will help a lot of people. In addition to helping people, giving your money to a qualified charity means you get a chance to deduct your taxes. With that being said, you are killing two birds with one stone. 

#7. Learn to say No

Once the news of you hitting a jackpot spreads, you will get a lot of phone calls, messages, emails asking for help. These can be from people you know, or from those who you have never met. They will ask for your money for good or bad purposes, which you donít know for sure. So it is important to learn how to say No, at least until you have decided what to do with your winnings. Because if you donít do it, you wonít have any money left to pay off your debt, to open an emergency fund, to put away money for retirement, to investÖ

Saying No is not easy, especially with people you know. Also, some people will pressure or even threaten you until you give some money to them. You can tell them that you need to discuss with your spouse, or your parents, or your financial advisor first, then you will talk to them later.

In conclusion, everyone can be confused with their newfound wealth and have no idea what to do. If youíve won the lottery or you know someone who has, hopefully these tips above can help. In fact, you should consider following those tips when your dream comes true.