The Best Music Streaming Services in 2018

Music Streaming Services

One of the hardest things that we could imagine is having no music in our lives. Fortunately, thatís not the case at all. We are very lucky to be able to choose from a wide range of music streaming services. The hardest part of this task is to actually pick one. On one side, there are the major players like Google, Amazon or Apple competing with the other side, represented by independent companies like Spotify or Tidal. Before going into more detail about each of these platforms, make sure to choose one of the best internet service providers that allow you to fully take advantage of the music streaming services.


The reason why this streaming service is maybe the best for a very large number of people, is because you can use it for free if youíre not bothered by a few adverts. A very distinctive feature of this platform is that you can actually incorporate your own audio files in the app and listen to them. Even though its rivals constantly step up their game, Spotify is still the hard one to beat.


This streaming platform is well-known for the quality that it offers, up to CD-level 1,411kbps. Rapper and owner of TIDAL, Jay-Z, came up with the idea of having exclusive video and audio content from certain artists on his platform, which definitely makes it much more attractive for music fans. On the other hand, TIDAL is still struggling to compete with other music streaming services, some people even saying that its apps and features are not good enough for the amount of money that you have to pay in order to use them.

Google Music Play

Exactly as expected, this streaming service is best experienced as a web application, but you can still use it on IOS and Android just fine. The majority of people who use Google Music Play, are doing it in order to be able to import they own music library into the platform and access it from everywhere. All your tunes are going to be stored in the cloud and because youíll be able to load it in your browser, youíll also be able to access your music from any computer.

Apple Music

Thereís no doubt that if you use one of the Apple products, like an IPhone or an IPad, you most probably use this streaming service. One major difference from other streaming services, is that with Apple Music thereís no web player, so everything will have to go through Itunes. This is one platform that pretty much works only if you use one of the Apple gadgets, but itís definitely king in that area.

Amazon Music Unlimited

This one is a little bit confusing, because itís all tangled up with other Amazon services. Thereís Prime Music, which gives you limited access to music libraries and comes with a Prime subscription. And then thereís Amazon Music Unlimited , which is like any other music streaming service, but you have to pay extra for it. Itís not as slick as other platforms, such as Apple or Spotify, but itís perfectly good if youíre not that invested into music.

It might be a tough choice, but great news is that we are so lucky to be able to have all the amazing music just one click away. All of these music streaming platforms generally offer you the same services, it just depends on what kind of gadgets youíre using and how well-organized are you when it comes to your music library.