Best Fashion Apps 2015 Edition

The Best fashion apps are for those fashion followers who are glued to their smartphones. These apps will undoubtedly provide them new trends and style.

Buying clothes without trying can be very tough, still these apps will help you find that perfect dress that are looking for.

Below you will find some of the best fashion apps that will give your some new options to explore trendy fashion news and product recommendations.

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Whisp – iOS

Whisp is an app of messaging that solely focused on fashion, and it is currently available on iPad and the web.

The app has a beautiful interface for print design. You can drag and drop products of your choice into the messaging box for your friends opinions. Whisp also provides you Facebook integration, so your friends can easily message you on Whisp without downloading this app.

PS Dept

P.S. Dept helps those fashionistas who do not have their stylist. Through PS Dept, you can get the facility to access the individual fashion consultant 24/7. Whether you want an outfit for a wedding or over-the-knee boots for a party. You can search for a particular piece of an outfit, or for as a whole. It gives free access to an expert advice, and once you find that you are looking for, you can shop it directly by using this app.

ASAP54 – iOS

You’ll appreciate ASAP54 if you have ever struggled to search shoes that you saw somewhere out and dying to purchase it because of its texture, color or may be style, etc.

You can use a photo of a stranger’s cloth to find it online. It is catching on the concept that Style Eyes and Slyce are using.


Mallzee is an approach to mobile shopping, which allows the user to peruse around 40 fashion brands. You can differentiate your favorite outfits into different style feels like – work Outfits, party outfits or Night Outs and others to organize the lists of your shopping. Mallzee also sends you price drop notifications on each and every item so that you’ll be notified about it.

Pose - Android | iOS

Pose is a weather forecasting app that checks the weather of your location and helps you to decide what to wear. It also provides you photos and collections of different types of outfits to inspire you. You can narrow down the selection by telling the app that where you are going – to the office, to the gym or for a party, etc. It is available on Android and iOS also.

Like To Know It

This app will make it possible to track the chicest pieces on Instagram. Once you sign in on this site with your email, a shopping link will automatically email you directly with ready-to-shop product link. It is an easy way to make a list of your favorite fashion, based on your favorite blogger’s Insta feed.

Poshmark, Bib + Tuck, Tradesy

Many of the times when bringing home fashion items you realize that the fit of the outfit is not quite right, or it does not match, or it does not suit you. This is the worst scenario. In this situation either you can put it alone at an end of your closet, or you can resale it on these apps.

Poshmark’s website and mobile app is specifically for fashion resale, and in this, you can add many pictures with each item, and also provide the information of size, color, brand and more. Other users who visit it can comment or repost your items, which will help you to sell your fashion. On sales over $15, Poshmark takes a commission of 20%. It is available on iOS and Android.

You can buy or sell your fashion on Bib + Tuck, but this platform only accepts selected brands. Thus, the items on the website are from premium brands for sale so there is a guarantee of higher quality. This site uses its own virtual currency, which you have to purchase; but when you sell any items, you can exchange only your Bib Bucks from other items available on this site. Bib + Tuck only available on iOS.

Tradesy encourages only premium items buying and selling with guaranteed authenticity. Moreover, Tradesy takes only 9% commission on the sale price and provides shopping bag too. Tradesy is only available on iPhone.

Website Lollipuff also provides guaranteed authenticity, but for certain fashion brands only.


Spring is one of the biggest shopping app launches of 2014. There is a game-changing way also to shop on your phone. This shopping app has collaborations, with CFDA and a Beyonce-themed shop. Spring saves the information of your credit card, shipping and size so that you can complete your purchase in a simple tap.

Covet iOS | Android

This site is for fashion lovers who have more time as compare to money to spend on styling; it is a perfect fit for these people. When you firstly sign up, this app will ask you to vote for a few sets of styles, that it is “hot-or-not.” By this process, you will earn tickets, and you will make cash by entering the contests — and you can use this in-app money for buying dresses, shoes, handbags, and other fashion items. After building your closet, you can start styling looks for different contests in the app, like Secret Rendezvous in Belize. It is available both on iOS and Android.

Stylebook, Closet+

It mostly happens when we buy a gorgeous dress but not sure that we have matching shoes or not. For this, we wished that we have a virtual closet for it. Stylebook costs you $3.99 and offers you to add images of your clothes.

It also provides a layout of an outfit in a collage, packing list and make calendars of what you have planned to wear. It can help you to shop more smartly, and helps you to tell what you already have, and help you to maintain your favorite accessory that are forgotten in your closet.
It is a free app for iOS.


This app helps you to find the footwear even of your dreams. It swipe through around 50,000 shoe styles—from designers Christian Louboutin to Nike range—as per your style and likes you can choose from it. Stylect offers you to filter your shoe search based on different parameters like color, price or style. It also provides the facility of creating shoe wish-lists and make direct purchases through this app.

The Hunt

The Hunt app mostly looks for an exact match. This app is only available on iOS. It helps the users to post images of their products they want to sell, on the other hand, it helps other users to find it on sale. You can also follow an item if someone else posts something that piques your fancy. Its structure is built totally on per user interactions, and it is supportive and friendly too. It is more fun because in The Hunt fashionista is not only buy fashion but also talk about it.


Sometimes you become – “I have nothing to wear mood”, in this situation this app is your go-to. Polyvore offers endless shopping collages through mixing and matching products and inspire the style. Not only you can create your stylish outfit collage, but also, you can search through others created collages. You can choose your outfits as per your moods. In this app, you can filter outfits through product style, brand, color, size, store and more.

Keep Shopping

Keep Shopping works on the universal shopping cart. This app is the world’s first mobile universal shopping cart that allows you to do purchasing from any brand or store all in just one checkout. Through this app, users can keep on browsing from different products and can explore the entire web, by adding any product from any store in the same cart.

FAD– The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

This is your portable fashion dictionary that will help you for everything related to fashion terms such as to fabric, sewing, phrases, designer bios and fashion history. Like if you are not sure is there any difference between sateen and satin? You can check on it. FAD app will help you with over 1,300 terms to improve your fashion lingo.


Stylebook allows the users to create virtually the pieces in their wardrobe by uploading pictures to style and organizes them. The app also allows you to plan your outfits in advance, to create packing lists, and to keep track of what you have to wear and when.


Stylekick’s app provides you outfits and pieces to shop based on your personal style, taste, and interests. Users can give their own Instagram. Bonus part of Stylekick’s is its Style kicks community: where you can meet and chat with others as well as you can get information and advice about any outfit or style from a huge list of fashion lovers.

Have we missed any of your favorites? Let us know which are your preferred and best fashion apps installed on your mobile device. We would love to see, review and feature them.