The Best Email Services

Do you know which email providersarefree and have the best email service? Here are the four top email providers Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Look for the best free email services.

I know you have an email account, everybody does. However, it would be an interesting question is there any better service to whom you can switch?

Now and then you change companies of phone operators, insurance, electric, and gas to get the best deal, now it is time to look for a better mail provider.

All the email service in this article are here for years, and if you think that you know it entirely, then you should have another look.

Microsoft moved from Hotmail to Outlook has stolen few users from Gmail with a campaign (scroogled.com). Yahoo, as we all know, has many millions of users that use its Mail service and also the messaging messenger.

Google always makes changes too frequently to better its service Gmail, Outlook.com, and Windows 10 are integrated seamlessly and Apple has the iCloud and the Mail app that an iOS 14.5 makeover.

I have been using all of these services for a decade now; I started using Yahoo and Hotmail in early 2000, so it has been 21 years.

Thousands of email and hundreds of hours of time is what I have spent with my email ids.

So, which service is the best to use? More email providers like GMX, iCloud, and Zoho mail have come along, and this article will give you the exact answers of what to use and what to not.

Best Email Service: Google’s Gmail – Rating 5/5

Lightweight, minimalist, and speed are some of the unique features Google’s Gmail has. With the latest features in labs, it’s now possible to view your inbox and email at the same time. No folders are there in Gmail, but the labeling feature has work, personal, and family preconfigure. When you click a label all the messages from a particular label can be seen. Different, efficient, and highly organized is a better name for Gmail.

Screen Shot

The powerful search within the Inbox has tons of commands, and it is intelligent enough to compete with any rival service.

You have several ways to see your emails and by default, messages are seen in date order. In the priority inbox, Gmail puts the messages on top that are important in Gmail’s perspective and it also works pretty well.

Gmail also sorts messages in sections that are primary, promotions, social, updates, and forums and they have separate tabs for each. So many new ways to see your emails that look great actually. Another innovative yet useful feature is a background image, which can be changed and it looks better every time you log in.

best email service

However, you have those ads that Google matches with your email content; that is what most people do not like. At the time of Google+ introduction, there were many spams that flooded and were never materialized. Importing contacts, fetching POP accounts is as simple as it gets. With all these services and excellent features, Google is easy to switch option.

Best Free Email: Outlook.com from Microsoft – 4.5/5-star rating

With some pretty great features, Microsoft should now focus on normal marketing than attacking Google. Look wise Outlook has a folder list on the left that includes inbox, drafts, and sent messages. The right side is the content side and it shows messages from the current folder that is selected. You have the option of a vertical reading pane or a horizontal reading pane, this means you have read and browse the inbox at the same time.

microsoft free best email service

Similar to any email service folders are for organising emails and adding more folders is simple. You can drag and drop emails to a folder and options of sorting gets automatically configured.

Views with the quick auto section are categorized and like Gmail’s tab, you have the option to make more categories. By clicking on the Quick view category, you will be able to see all unread emails with picture or file attachments, bills, social networking updates, flagged messages, and so on. The archive feature will send the emails to a folder, and they can be seen in quick views rather than an inbox. You have a sweep option that moves or deletes messages from a particular sender and a given date. Outlook will look for junk mail, and it helps you to unsubscribe from the originator.

POP3 accounts, Facebook imports can be added at any point in time. However, the only thing that is negative for Outlook.com is the speed of the mail service.

Yahoo Mail – 4.0/5 stars

With a fresh, modern, and themed look, this new Yahoo! Mail service looks attractive but with an advert, it takes away all the glory. You also have the option to go ad-free by paying 30 a year.

Folders in the left pane have options like inbox, spam, sent, trash, etc. You have the view of the content on the right side and a navigation on the left. A pane can be added for previewing the folders like inbox, and messages at the same time.

yahoo mail service

Tabbing is optional and if it’s turned on messages can be opened on different tabs at one time plus the new message can also be created in a new tab. You will quickly browse between writing, reading and browsing the inbox with the current view. Under the tabs, you will find a Menu that contains a link to function like moving, deleting, replying, flagging messages and so on.

We can organize all the emails from the left that enables you to create folders, we can drag-drop any emails in folders, and can create filters like most of the email service provider do.

More options like extra email addresses, holiday responses, and disposable addresses can also be created, all under one account. Importing Facebook, Google imports are easy and can be done quickly. I would prefer using Outlook and Gmail over Yahoo.

Apple iCloud – Rating: 3/5

Every iOS device, iPhone, iPad will give you an email ID when you create an iCloud account, and emailing is a feature of this iCloud account. The mobile version of iCloud is better and has more functions than the Desktop version right now.

Apple’s best way to make people love the creation is by adding simplicity and ease of use on any app, software or program. With a three-pane view, emails and folders are placed on the left and the inbox with all the messages is in the middle and selected item can be seen on the right. Simple, elegant looking and straightforward but no options to customize emails in a different manner.

Things, like hiding the reading pane and displaying the inbox list, can’t be done. With folder that can be dragged and dropped with emails filtering and all VIP ads can display a lot.

These are the best free email services right now, and I am sure many of you will be using one of these. So, tell us which feature do you like the most.