Best Educational TV Shows

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More and more people began to abandon television and sell their TVs. The kaleidoscope of eternal soap operas and stupid shows is interrupted by annoying ads every five minutes. Many people have already realized that they will not get anything except lost time, and you can have supper with the sounds of the radio or during a conversation with your family or friends. There could be no “one size fits all” approach. There are still TV shows that will be interesting to watch especially for college students. And they will not only brighten up your evening but also provide you with new useful information in absolutely different spheres of life. Team at Essay4Us has chosen must-watch programs and unified them in the†best educational tv shows†list.

Myth Busters

Every person knows about this TV show because it is aimed at dispelling myths and tales. Who will refuse such an intriguing idea? Especially since we really believe in something that is fiction! This applies to those things that have emerged only recently and those that have been known since ancient times. The presenters in practice check the veracity of rumors, no matter what they are dedicated to common stereotypes or cosmic legends. Jamie Heinemann and Adam Savage put themselves to the test as well, exposing themselves to danger from deadly speed and height to immersion in fire and water.

Brain Games

Humanity is already aware of the environment, about the space a lot, and how little we know about our own body, about the brain! We never think about its extraordinary functions, about the work of our consciousness, although this program assures that every person has incredible abilities. We take it as a given. The adult man uses only 20% of the brain! Tests and interactive games in this TV show are created to ensure that each viewer is able to learn what abilities the human brain exposes and how to reveal its potential.

Human Universe

If you are a fan of space exploration, then you will watch this TV show with great pleasure. The presenter Brian Cox does not just lead the program, it’s the professor who, through his own research and facts, uncovers the interaction of a human and the cosmos. Going to the expeditions, the scientist tells about what future is waiting for and on what planet we will dwell. Is it worth expecting guests from other planets? You can watch the development of science and secret technologies on TV and get answers to questions that the inhabitants of the Earth are so worried about.

The age of Robots

Sometime humankind only dreamed of making life easier and figuring out how to automate the processes. Now, this is the reality. Each series the latest developments and robots that already exist will be presented. Each of them is aimed at providing people with their technological assistance in different spheres. We highly recommend you to see what robots were conceived initially before they take over our world.

Adam Ruins Everything

This American show is the jackpot, as the host explains the serious things in a humorous way. Popular misconceptions and trends are examined from a scientific viewpoint. Adam invites experts from various fields and even interacts with great people in sketches. Nothing will remain on the sidelines, neither political elections nor charity. The presenter will reveal the truth about seemingly banal hygienic habits and tell you why you mustnít feed homeless animals. Humor and knowledge – all in one. The host calls on viewers to question everything – even the most common truths because it’s easy to make mistakes if you do not analyze.

Wonder of Animals

This is a program about animals, which was created in order to tell the latest information about the fauna of our planet. Scientific progress does not stand still, which makes it possible to explore the animal world even more carefully and show it with the help of a unique video sequence. Evolution of animals also did not stop and attracts more attention of scientists and spectators. The presenter and his team pay special attention to the abilities of animals in the wild, which help them to survive in such harsh conditions.

Monumental Mysteries

If you do not have the opportunity to travel around the world, consider the famous places of interest, historical monuments, buildings and learn their secrets of creation, then this programme will take you from place to place, and the presenter will give you detailed, exciting TV excursions. Watching it, you will also learn about the life and death of the most famous people who surrounded themselves with mysteries and riddles. You will hear the stories of ordinary people, who are now known throughout the world thanks to their strange life stories. Plots sometimes resemble fiction, but realizing that this is really true, it becomes even more interesting.

The Truth Behind

Have you ever wanted to go in search of Atlantis or to places where you UFO can be? Do you want to know whether the monster lives in Lake Lokness or not? Go on a virtual journey with the presenters of this program. Do scientists hide facts or say things as they are? – that’s the main task for Richard Forrest and Richard Preston. 5 series that will make you an adventurer. Documentaries, rare photographs and reconstructions are at your disposal. Scientists and experts come up with their own hypotheses, which are confirmed by material evidence.

Breaking Magic

This show has been going on since 2012. The presenters are 4 professionals, illusionists who disclose their secrets and each time get across to the audience that any magic is science. Physical laws, mathematical calculation, chemical formulas help these guys to show fantastic tricks that they perform on the streets in front of the amazed audience. The audience will learn that a human can violate any laws of nature. The combination of science and magic is uniting at the TV screens those who believe in miracles and those who want to explain them scientifically.