Best Discord Bots to Enhance Your Server | 2020 Updated List!


In case you are unaware of discord, then it is among the most popular chat platforms within the gaming community. It is quite intuitive and being adopted by gamers all over the world owing to its robust as well as customizable nature. If you get your hands on any Discord and then set up your own server, then you know that it is very customizable. The most vital thing about this is that you can easily add bots in order to enhance the overall functionalities of your own server. They can easily help you in managing your server better while bringing various fun add-on features. Here, we have duly created a list of top 10 best discord bots in order to enhance your server.

1. GAwesome Bot

In case you are searching for adding a multi-purpose bot to the Discord server, then this one is the best choice. It is quite highly customizable as well as a powerful bot that isnít just great at the moderation of the chats but also brings in a lot of fun features in order to increase the overall user activity on the server. It can easily ban, kick or even award members ranks as well as to conduct pools, generate sick memes, giveaways, and a lot more. The major highlight of this bot is that it features a great robust extension system. It means that it shows various results from Google, YouTube, Reddit, and even Wikipedia. You can also have the option in order to organize own in-chat custom RSS feeds.

2. Tatsumaki

It is a highly capable discord bot that a lot of online game streamers love to use. It extends a lot of commands for moderation as well as setting welcome messages and even notifications along with several features. It isnít just restricted only to Discord but also allows you to easily change the settings of the bot from a dedicated dashboard. It also provides you with the inherent ability to search the web easily, remains updated with an RSS feed along with more rights within Discord. The most premium feature of this discord bot is that its incentive system that pushes the users on the servers to become more active by allowing them to earn experience XP and Levels. Your standing in any Discord server is duly shown in a particular form of an appealing card that pushes you to interact with your users more often easily. You can easily use real money in order to customize the appearance. It is undoubtedly among the best discord bots.

3. Dyno Bot

In case you have just set up your own Discord server, then this one is most likely the first bot that you have installed on the same in order to upgrade its inherent capabilities. It is rich in features that provide you with total control over all of its features using a particularly dedicated dashboard along with auto-moderation with Mod log as well as timed mutes and even bands. It has been constantly updated in order to detect mass mention or even raid spam in the community chats. It is quite useful for the purpose of airing custom announcements especially if someone joins, or even leaves or gets banned from the server. It can easily assign roles to the users as well as post AFK statuses on your own behalf. It comes with a Cleverbot integration, and it can easily be used to post various Overwatch stats along with Google results as well as stream music directly from YouTube.

4. MeMezBot

If you are among the users who like to see memes, then this bot will certainly interest you. It is simply among the best discord bots to share various quality memes with your own Discord community. In case it doesnít even interest you then you can even post various poor-quality memes too. This particular meme bot also provides some of the most famous memes such as cute gods, Pepe the frog, doggo as well as several other commands in order to spice up the conversation. You can easily call upon this bot to tell any story about anyone in your life or even share random sounds in a particular voice channel.

5. Zandercraft

It is among the favorite bots that we have encountered on our Discord server. It is a completely full-fledged package that lays special emphasis on chat as well as productivity, GIFs and various fun things that are quite vital for life. However, the major highlight of this particular bot is its ability to easily play extra HD or XHD, Hi-Fi music. In case you are a particular type of music junkie then it is the best tool for your own server. We have connected this bot to the voice channel on our server. Whenever we need to listen to any tune, we just typed the respective command in order to start or even pause the playing music. You can also use different commands in order to add any song to its playlist. It pulls music from YouTube and Soundcloud.

6. GameStats

Its name suggests a lot about it. You can easily use this particular bot in order to set up your own profile of the gaming aliases of yours and even share all the stats of yours with your friends. It also helps in seeing your stats from a plethora of games which include Rust, PUBG, Rainbow Six: Siege, World of Worships, Paragon, Xbox Live and a lot more. The commands of this bot are quite different so it may take some time for you to get used to it. You can easily create any profile by typing a particular command and even add a game account by easily typing another respective command. In case you wish to check about which accounts are supported by this particular bot, then you can easily type in .gs accounts.

7. Typical Bot

It is among the most powerful and easy to use discord bot. It offers the necessary tool which you can easily use for moderation where it can easily kick, soft-ban, ban or even announce either of these on your server. It also offers several fun features as well as mini-games along with different music that can easily be streamed through YouTube. It isnít like anyone on your server can start playing the music. You have complete control over the overall permissions that is, admin, DJ, as well as you can queue or even skip the skips. It also provides you a cat or dog pictures, important information like ServerID, ChannelID, etc. or even random jokes. This makes it among the best discord bots present in the market.

8. TriviaBot

While Discord is often used for voice chats as well as discussions post the game, you can easily add this bot to have great fun times within your community. It is actually a multiplayer trivia game that holder over 24 categories and over 3,000 questions in order to test your knowledge. Its categories range from television, films, sports, manga, science and nature. It is quite a simplistic bot with mere three commands. You can easily type out the trivia help in order to check all of these commands. The trivia starts playing the game while trivia categories is for picking the topic for various questions.

9. RuneInfo

As suggested by its name, this particular bot allows you to easily play the famous RuneScape game right on your own server. It might actually sound surprising that how can anyone play a particular fantasy MMORPG game within a messaging client but it is quite possible. It offers a complete set of 113 commands in order to play the game with friends. Along with OSRS and RS3 commands, you are provided with 9/9 Nemi forest as well as GE additions tracker along with Portables location and comprehensive price commands. It also shows that the developers of this particular bot have actually ported the entire game and they made it quite accessible to your through simple commands.

10. GuildedBot

It is among one of the best discord bots for team players, gamers that like to play games like PUBG, DOTA2 or even the World of Warcraft. This bot can easily be invited to the Discord in order to help a team to recruit new players as well as improve the overall abilities and even complete mission together. You can easily manage all of the activities of the team through its dashboard which is synched as well as accessible through the Discord bot in the server. You can use this particular bot to easily post updates and enhance the server team with different features like advanced recruiting, discussion tools and scheduling. It supports games like CS: GO, WoW, Overwatch, DOTA 2, Destin, PUBG, League of Legends, Minecraft and many more.

Best Discord Bots Winning Hearts in 2020!

Below we are going to mention some of the best Discord Bots that one must check out in 2020. This list is specially designed for the people who want to know about the most loved Discord Bots.

11.MeMezBot, The Best Discord Bots

Coming next is the Fredboat, a great Discord Bot renowned for its features. There is a very specific function in this bot that made it count among the best Discord bots. That specific function is the option to play music. Fredbot allows users to play music from YouTube Soundcloud, direct links, as well as twitch among others. Not only this, but this Discord also allows support playlists that allows you to listen to music without interruption. In addition to this cool feature, this Discord also has search functionality that allows one to search songs they want to listen to by their names.

12. MEE6

Another popular Discord Bot that you should know about in 2020 is the MEE6, a powerful Discord hat provides the user full control of commands. With this, you can set up different commands which will enable the system to automatically give or remove roles, send a message, send welcome messages, etc. Along with all this, with MEE6, you can also create a leveling system and set automated actions for the moderation of nefarious users. Setting up penalties on the basis of a number of infractions is also available in this Discord Bots.

13. Discord Translator

There are no more barriers in the gaming community with Discord Translator. Today when there are several royale games that are played by multiple players from different countries, language always becomes a challenge when it comes to creating a community. If this is the case, all you have to do is use Discord Translator Bit. This bot not only allows you to type a message which automatically gets translated but also has the feature of selecting the language of your preference.

14. Miki, The Best Discord Bot

If you are looking for a powerful and smart Discord Bot in 2020, this is it. When it comes to finding out more about Miki, full control is provided to the Discord server. Using this Discord Bot, you can control your server, make level-based roles, and even give incentives to a member in the form of a role reward. Along with all this, Miki also has several moderation tools that allow one to clean up the chats a remove the individuals that create a problem.

The best feature of Miki is the leaderboard structure. It allows all the members to gamble with their experience points in the game of blackjack allowing the members to enjoy as well as win experience points for fun.


As we have discussed, Discord bots are now becoming an essential part of the overall chat experience, and they can help you in doing a lot more with your own servers. In case you have your own gaming community, then you donít require to hover around the server in order to keep your community in check. The above-listed bots are among the best discord bots. In case you think we have skipped any great Discord bot, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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