The benefits of modern mobile apps in today’s commerce – E-Wallets

The benefits of modern mobile apps in today’s commerce – E-Wallets

There used to be a time when buying something was pretty straight forward in terms of what options were available. You could either pay cash or you could write out a check. More or less, those were your options.

But today, thanks to the advancements made in the field of devices such as and those made with mobile technology, we have e-wallets and the possibility to check out of a supermarket with our phones.

This type of technology came out a couple years ago and while the hype might have died down a bit, progress is still being made in terms of how accessible pay points are to people. More and more locations allow you to pay with your e-wallet.

This leads many to wonder what exactly the benefits of having an e-wallet are and why they should get one of their own. There are multiple options when it comes to e-wallets, coming from different providers. Android phone owners will probably feel right at home with Google’s own Google Wallet for example. Let’s see just what makes e-wallets great:

The advantages

Low costs

It’s a lot cheaper to implement this payment method due to the fact that it cuts out any needs for a middle man. Stores can also profits just as much as the client from using e-wallet technology because there would be no need to employ cashiers anymore, which means they get to save a lot on salaries.

It’s easier to use

It’s just easier to use than other options. You might be inclined to think that using your credit card to pay for groceries isn’t hard at all. While that is correct, imagine that e-wallets are even faster and easier to use. This type of convenience is what the newer generations are supporting the future on, as new intuitive ways are researched for how anything can be done faster and better.

The next thing

Speaking of new generations, this is also a very modern approach to paying for stuff. It’s definitely a step forward in comparison to all other forms of paying, and implementing it would help both business and customer alike take a step forward together in terms of technological advancement.


It’s arguably a much safer means of transferring money from your account to that of the business you are purchasing from. While credit cards are safe as well, you also have to carry them around and make sure that you don’t lose them. It can be cumbersome to watch over that small piece of plastic at all times. You are weary of your phone all the time anyway, so it wouldn’t be an extra effort to watch over your wallet if they were to become one and the same. In the same manner, you always have your phone with you so there would be no extra effort on your part.

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