20 Best Smartphone Apps to Manage Stress

When we go through some movie based on college life, it seems to be so exciting and fun. There everyone seems to be so happy, living a carefree life, dancing, singing and roaming all around. It is felt that they are not at all worried about their future but in reality life is very mush opposite to that.

While college days must be the most exciting and days to be enjoyed in everyone’s life, the reality is so far different from it. These is a lot of pressure on a students to achieve good marks and grades in all the exams and to remain equally alert in other co curricular activities and to secure a good job for him by taking advantage of all good jobs opportunities especially when there is lack of good jobs in the market and scope is less after graduation.

Here are some smartphone applications you can do a great management of your stress. So just have a look at these applications.

1.  Stress Tracker

Condition you’re appearing in support of ways to reduce your stress in college, recognize what precisely stresses you out is the first step. Be on way of your behaviors, moods, and stress levels with this app, and cope your stress with its guided leisure feature.

2.  Relax: Stress and Anxiety Relief

Get a timeout with Relax. The app’s guided breathing exercises utilize peaceful music to help you ease tension or combat insomnia. Make use of the quick start feature at the first sign of a terror attack, or use the skills you’ve well-read in your yoga practice.

3.  Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditation

Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute brings you this $.99 app to help you fight stress and get better your taken as a whole well-being. The app features eight meditation exercises, as well as “Letting Go Meditation” and “Self Confidence Meditation,” read to you in a narrator’s calming voice.

4. Health through Breath – Pranayama

The conscious breathing exercises of pranayama are helpful for treating a number of health problems, as well as migraines and asthma. This app helps you use the techniques to feel stress in your daily life by counting time for you so you can focus and progress from beginning to end the different breathing levels. It also has visual and audio cues.

5.  Relax Melodies

Allowing you to make a custom mix of 82 of your preferred sounds from its library, Relax Melodies makes as well as sheep a thing of the past. Make a mix; set the timer for when to shut off the audio, and save creations for later playback. Don’t lose any more sleep over school.

6. SweetBeat

Used in conjunction with a well-matched heart rate monitor, SweetBeat measures your heart rate variability (HRV), which sprays when you are stressed. College athletes are able to use this app for influential how hard to work out on any given day, and all students can use it to gain approaching into what precisely is causing them stress.

7. Angry Birds

You may possibly go with Angry Birds Space, but honestly some of individuals levels make us disgusting. This free version is set in the much chiller atmosphere of waves and sun. Drag that slingshot back, blow up those pigs, and consider the stress melt away.

8. Sleepmaker Waves Free

Is school stress affecting your sleep? Get back your Z’s with this app that delivers the reassuring sound of real ocean waves continuing onto the beach. Don’t be anxious; these beaches have no kids or seagulls. There’s also a pro, paid version, but stick with the free one.

9. Stress Check by Azumio

In favor of Android users, Stress test is another HRV measuring app; simply it doesn’t need any extra hardware. As an alternative it uses the camera to measure your stress level and provide you a score from 1-100, so you can estimate how stressed you are from wherever, from class to the dorm.

10. Breeze

The expression “I really hate those wind chimes” has not at all been expressed in human history. Among the power of technology, nowadays you can de-stress anywhere you are by running this app on your iPhone and picturing yourself enjoying a cool breeze on the back porch to this enjoyable sound.

11.iShatter Stress Relief:

Certainly these types of stress, the sound of breaking glass is the very last thing you wish to hear. But if you’ve got some bad-grade violence built up you want to vent, this app lets you devastate light bulbs, TV, well sparkling wine glasses, and more.

12. Workout Trainer

One of the greatest stress relievers is exercise. Get your workout digital with Workout Trainer, a free app that offers thousands of workouts with no apparatus needed, including cross fit, Tabatha, and high strength gap training.

13. My Daily Journal

Receiving your feelings out of your head and down on paper can be an influential stress liberation tool. My Daily Journal is at the peak of the list for iPhone journaling apps, with its automatic saving, simple export, and eye-catching interface.

14. Relax Completely

This kind of app from most important hypnotherapist Darren Marks will not twist you into a murdering automaton. What it will do is help you sleep, with cheering audio and video clips to help you relax and triumph over the stress that’s care you awake.

15. ColorNote

A superior deal of stress can be avoided with appropriate development. This admired Android app makes it simple to write notes to yourself about significant dates and assignments and contribute to them via email or the cloud so that you’re never caught off lookout by school work.

16. Naturespace

Plug up in your headphones and be transported to a scene of a Hawaiian sunrise, or into the middle of a powerful thunderstorm. Nature space uses “spatially accurate,” 3-D outside noises that will make you promise you’re really there, far from school and no matter what is stressing you.

17. Anti-Stress Quotes

Allow the perception of intellectuals and the humorousness of comedians relieve your stress by evaluation one of their quotes a day through this free app. When you get one you like enough to share, use the app to post it to Twitter or Facebook.

18. iDestroy Free Wicked Sick Guns

The iPhone version is called” iDestroy – immoral unwell stress release with lots of guns,” so it seems that stress organization is this game’s planned purpose. Apply stress management by overwhelming bugs and blowing stuff up.

19. Funny Jokes

Amusement may not be the most excellent medicine for a chainsaw misfortune, but it’s now what the doctor ordered for stress. Humorous Jokes has a library of thousands of “yo momma,” Chuck Norris, and blonde jokes to give you a quiet laughter and lighten your mood. Make lighter a friend’s day by texting or posting a joke that tickles your funny bone.

20. Breathe2Relax

While you don’t have time to take to your yoga mat, utilize this app to help you in diaphragmatic inhalation. Breathe2Relax is suggested to armed forces by the Pentagon to assist them handle stress. Optimistically not anything you come across at school is as demanding as war, but this app can help you cope.