Apple to suggest Face ID repair without replacing iPhone

iPhone 12 And iPhone 13

Apple will soon allow Apple authorized service providers to fix the Face ID system without substituting the entire iPhone.

iPhone users will soon be capable of getting Face ID repaired without requiring to replace the device itself. This facility will be open through Apple stores and Apple Authorized service providers.

iPhones Xs and those launched later will benefit from this service. In addition, the report added that Apple authorized service stores will soon start accepting a True Depth service part, including the Face ID elements and the front camera modules.

Hence, technicians will hold the feasibility of replacing the Face ID system on the iPhones rather than replacing it.

The information was announced by an internal memo obtained from a reliable source. As per the memo, Apple seeks to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by reducing the number of whole unit replacements.

At the moment, there’s no announcement about the replacement costs. But the same-unit Face ID repairs will likely be cheaper than the entire unit replacement.

If you recall, the Face ID tech was first introduced on iPhone X back in 2017. But unfortunately, the device may not reach this newly reported Face ID replacement facility. So instead, the Face ID replacement will be available on iPhone XS and newer iPhones, as defined in the memo.

An Apple Service Toolkit diagnostic tool will assist in determining when to conduct a same-unit ID repair instead of a whole-unit substitute or an “iPhone Rear System” repair. Unfortunately, there’s no assurance about the rollout of the schedule yet. But we have discovered that the technicians will obtain training and documentation later.

A few months back, Apple disclosed the self-repair service. Through this assistance, Apple will provide instructions to the user to assist in fixing their device at home while selling parts and tools required for the operation.

In addition, Apple says that customers will receive recycling credit if they return the used components after fixing their devices.