Google Android Apps for Wearable Gadgets

Android Wearables now have a dedicated section of the Google Play Store reserved for apps compatible with Google’s smart watches. The widespread availability of the devices shows Google is serious for Google Android Apps for Wearable Gadgets.

The selection of Android Wear will expand rapidly but now there are around two dozens apps that work with Android Wear. Some of the early birds include a handful of Google apps, such as Hangouts, Maps, and Android Wear. You can interact with and configure their Android wearable using their smartphone. There are third party apps as well such as IFTTT, Delta Airlines, Pinterest, Bandsintown, iWeather, and others.

Google is supporting Android Wear, Google has updated all Android devices running on 2.3 Gingerbread and up to Play Services 5.0. Play Services permits even old devices to gain new features and functionality.

Google Play Store


Play Services 5.0 support of Android Wear by a set of APIs. The APIs helps Android devices to communicate with apps running on Android wearables and also it syncs data between smartphones and wearables.

We can say, mostly every Android device in the market is compatible with Android Wear. You can buy first two Android Wear devices, LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live, from the Play Store. The Moto 360 is in the queue till late summer.

It also concerns regarding the security issues and adds APIs for App Indexing, Google Drive, Analytics, Play Games, Google Cast, Mobile Advertising and Google Wallet. The developers can add More functionality to their Android applications. The SDK is available separately for Android Wear.