2 Best Alternatives to Microsoft Office

From the Cheapskate: Before you spend your money on Office 2016, you should consider a free suite or Microsoft’s free online version!

Microsoft Office 2016 has launched on the market. It will charge you $69 per year for the single-user Personal Edition. For five-user Home Edition, you need to pay $99 per year. Moreover for purchasing the suite outright you need to pay $149.99.

I like Office because it makes no mistake. Its Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been polished to a beautiful shine. Its Outlook is also the best desktop mail client that is currently available. Specifically it is best for business users.


For many years we have been spoiled by Google Docs including me. When there is OpenOffice, and other free alternatives are available, it seems the point of foolishness to pay for Microsoft’s suite. Still it is offering one terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage and snicker i.e. of 60 minutes monthly Skype time.

Can I ask a question from you my fellow cheeps that what is your solution for it? I think you are not the one who is paying for Office unless you are getting it for the cheap price or for fully free. Whereas you are a student or an employee or for you need it for your office use. However, you have still a need for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations too.

If you lead to WPS.com, you can find it only Android, iOS and Linux versions of the suite. Huh? After a little Googling, you will able to reveal that Kingsoft proper still offering the Windows version. So, my advice, which I am using is just click the Download button i.e. next to Office Suite Free 2013. That is the version that I am also using for a long time, and I liked it too.

What about Google Docs?

Google Docs are efficient enough for fundamental document work. However, it fails in file management. File management is kind of a pain to it. Specifically it happens when you are using Google Drive as your portal. Moreover, it is just as ugly as the most of Google’s Web-based apps. I judge myself as a creative personality, and for my creativity stuff, I prefer an attractive interface.

Microsoft Office Online provides us an amazingly decent set of tools that rival more or less to what Google has offered. If you have not any need of higher-end feature packed in Word, Excel and PowerPoint (that mostly users don’t). Then, you will be undoubtedly surprised by how much you can achieve through free Office Online.

Let us know which program do you consider as the best alternative for Microsoft Office.