A Guide for Beginners: How to Play Online Poker

Play Online Poker

What we offer here is a guide for the basics of poker and a few steps and tips to help you master the game. Since it starts from the basics, this guide is meant for beginners only. If you are a more experienced player, you may want to check out advice and tricks for more advanced levels of the game.

The number of poker fans grows by the minute, and if you find yourself intrigued by this game, feel free to check out the rest of this guide and learn how to play it. It only gets more fun, trust us. The game has more variations, but you need to start at the very beginning and as you advance you will learn about these different types and modules. Today we will discuss about:

  • Poker Rules
  • A Step by Step Info on How to Play a Poker Hand

Let’s not waste any time. Here we go.

How Does Poker Work?

As mentioned above, the game has variations and each variation differs from the other. However, in order to learn all others, you need the basic poker rules to get you started. Luckily, these are quite simple to learn. In almost every variation of the game there is one aim all players strive to achieve – build and end up with a better poker hand than the one of the opponents.

One of the most widely played variations of the poker game is Texas Hold’em. You can find this famous game at a brick casino or online. When playing online make sure you are logged in a trusted online casino. Fortunately, you can use the simple Lucky days casino login interface, for instance, and start playing within minutes. Lucky days is not the only trusted online casino out there. It serves as a good example, you should do your research before signing up and read online casino reviews.

The game itself is as simple as it is popular. Here are the five basic steps this game needs you to know and master in order to play it right.

1.       Players get their cards. The dealer is the one dealing, and after that initial bets are placed;

2.       Next, the dealer deals community cards, and it is followed by another round of betting;

3.       Next, a fourth card is dealt, and it is followed by yet another round of betting;

4.       The final card is dealt next, and then comes the last round of betting;

5.       In the final round, those players that are still in the game reveal their hand. The best one wins.

How to Play Poker: A Step by Step Guide

Now comes the more detailed explanation of what steps you need to take in order to play a full round of poker.

Step 1: Place Your Bets

Before the first cards are dealt by the dealer, players place their initial bets. These initial bets include the “ante” – all players put in an equal amount of money, and “blinds”. In the case of “blinds” the player that sits on the left of the dealer needs to place a smaller bet, and the one sitting to the left of him places a larger one.

At that point players get two home (facing down) cards each. This is the time when players decide whether they will check (decline the chance to start betting), bet/call any bets made (match the bet of another player), or fold if the player has a weak hand and little chance of winning. Every time the player checks, next comes the player sitting clockwise from him. Now he/she has to decide whether they will check, make a bet, or fold. After a player makes a bet, all other players must call and match the amount he/she decided to bet. If not, they can fold and sit out the round.

Step 2: The Community Cards

After the above explained betting is completed, the “flop” is dealt. The flop is actually three cards facing up. After this the players can now have a clearer idea of how strong their poker hand actually is. This is when the next round of betting begins. The rules are the same – you can check, bet, match or fold.

Step 3: Time for the Turn

Next comes the fourth card – the “turn”. It is dealt face up and it is a card that players can use in order to build a better poker hand. It is important that all beginners know that a poker hand consists of five cards in total. After that another round of betting comes next.

Step 4: Poker Hands are Finalized

Finally, it is now time for the fifth card – the “river”. It is dealt face up, and the players who are still left in the game can see the full strength of their poker hand. Before the finale, there is one, last round of betting.

Step 5: Time to Reveal the Winner

It is time for the showdown. This is the time when all players left in the game so far are supposed to reveal their hands and see who has won all the bets on the table. The entire betted amount is known as the “pot”. In the case of a tie – the highest card wins.