7 Essential Ingredients For Making An Excellent First Impression On Your Readers

Blogging is an excellent medium to express your feelings, knowledge and interesting things. Also, it’s a good way to earn money and to develop a relationship with your readers.

As we all know, there are thousands and millions of blogs floating around the internet, but only a few of them are really successful. Have you ever thought why?

Because most of the blog owners never spend time on thinking how to captivate their new readers.

There is a famous phrase and very true too that ” First impression is the last impression”.

It means that you can get only one chance to impress your first-time visitor, and this is the only moment you can introduce your blog in the best possible way.

So, here in this article, I am sharing 7 must have ingredients which I think will be useful for you to capture the attention of your new visitors.

1) Blog Design and Navigation: This is very first way to captivate your new reader and make the first impression. If your blog looks simple, clean and easy to navigate, you most probably gained a new reader on your site.

And remember that good design doesn’t mean that you use hefty graphic elements on your site. Even simple design and easy to use navigation is enough to create an impression.

2) Decide your Niche: Niche is as important to a blog as oxygen is for a human being. If you look around, you will notice the big blogs are those that have a particular niche.

So when you start a blog, clearly define your niche and target readers. It will help you to write according to them in their language, terminology, and their behavior.

For example, if your target audience is youth, your writing pattern should be like a youth.

This will help you to create a direct connection with your readers, and they become familiar with your blog very quickly.

3) About Us Page: This is one of the most under-estimated power of blogging. Creating an About us page is a very important aspect of a blog.

Because this is one of the first things, your new visitor looks for (If you have given him something valuable on your landing page). They want to know whom they are reading and what’s potency you have on your subject.

This an easy way to gain their trust in the first instance.You can also look our About Us page to get a better idea.

First Impression

4) Focus on Post Headline: Headline writing or title writing is also critical. Your effective post heading will attract your readers to invest their time in reading the post.

And if you want that your visitors read other articles on your blog, then your post heading should be catchy, and they should speak for themselves. Adding related article block will help readers find similar content on your site, and it makes it possible to navigate to the next page.

5) Quality over Quantity: Quality content always helps to attract new visitors rather than posting garbage just to meet the quota.

With noresearch articles, you will also have a chance to lose your regular readers.

So, decide the time span between two posts in such a way that you get enough time to research, write and finally promote it.

6) Feature Your Best Articles: You can also term it as “Featured Articles”. This is the best way to create an impression on your new visitor by showing your best-of-the-best articles. So, make a prominent place on your blog to show your most popular items.

7) Category, Tags, and Search Box: Each article should be put in a proper category. This will make it easier for your readers to find the articles they are really interested in when they visit your blog. Also, embed “Search Box ” on your homepage to make search easier in your blog.

I know for many people out there, these tips seem to be very basicand familiar, but you have to believe me all of these things works, but only when you apply them correctly with proper planning to crack your goal of leaving an impression on your readers.

If anyone else would like to offer their own tips on how to make an impact on your new visitor, please be kind and feel free to share with our readers in the comments below.