7 Best Websites To Convert Your Text to Speech Free of Cost

Have u ever tried converting your text into audio format?

Now a days, you may find several options to convert your text into speech. Here is the list of 7 best websites which will let you convert your text to speech free of cost.

1.  ABC2MP3  is the latest website which lets you convert your text into audio format.

You can convert and record your files, plain text, Word, Excel, PDF, RSS feeds , books, articles, and text materials into audio format. You can convert upto 2000 characters per time. All your recordings are in mp3 format.

This website gives you four voice choices. You can choose any one of them for your audio recording. To receive all your recordings you must have a valid e-mail id.


2. Festvox  This website gives you four audio formats wav, sun, aiff and ulaw. 12 audio voices are provided.

3. HearWho  This website converts your text into mp3 audio format. We can play these mp3 audio on any device which is capable of playing mp3 files. Here you can convert 500 characters per time. Initially 2 audio voices are provided to you, but if you register yourself you can add more audio voices.

4. vozMe  This website convert your text written in English or Spanish or Italian or Hindi or Portuguese or Catalan into MP3 format. You can add vozMe to iGoogle, Facebook, Browser or your website.

5. PediaPhon  This website can convert wikipedia text into an audio format. Here you just need to enter the search text. Speaking Speed option helps you to set the speed of your audio file. Besides English we can convert our text in  German, Spanish, French or in some other languages also.


6. Spoken Text  This Website convert your PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, RSS feed, Email and web pages which can be written in  English  or  French or Spanish or German can be easily convert into .mp3 or .m4b (Audio Book) files (in English, French, Spanish and German). The free account is only available for 7 days.

7.YAKiToMe  After successful registration you can convert text, PowerPoint files, RSS feed, Email, web pages, blogs, books into MP3 format. Besides English this also supports Spanish, French, German.

You are only a click away from your text to speech conversion.