6 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Azure for Your business

microsoft azure

We are all well aware of Microsoft being an exceptional technology company that offers so much to its customers, from computer software, computer hardware, to personalised computers, etc. The company has quite a reputation, and due to its reliable goods and services, it’s obvious why so many people rely on Microsoft as their go-to service provider.

It is renowned for Microsoft Suite which includes Excel, Word, Access, and Powerpoint. These services are a great boon to businesses to help keep track of payments, employee attendance, presentations, and much more. Microsoft also offers cloud computing services via Microsoft Azure. If other services offered by this company are so reliable, then there is no doubt that Azure must be too.

To better understand Microsoft Azure, let’s  look at some important terms that encompass this service.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is an online network for storing, sharing, and accessing data. It allows its users to upload data, create documents, read files, and edit. In the presence of an internet connection, these files can be accessed any time, anywhere.

MS Azure Services

Cloud computing service providers, such as Azure, manage your infrastructure while you install, configure, and manage your software. It’s time to discover the benefits  Microsoft Azure can bring to your company with their service.

1.     Infrastructure as a Service:

IaaS is a service in which a company rents computers, storage facilities, and network infrastructures. The services are policy-based, and customers normally rent a specific service component as per their requirement.

2.     Platform as a Service :

PaaS grants an environment and tools for its customers to develop, run, and manage new online applications. It also maintains the infrastructure associated with developing and launching an app. The main purpose of PaaS is to simplify the code writing process for developers.

Disaster Recovery

Just like any great cloud service provider, Microsoft Azure has data centres in different geographical locations that are always running to ensure you remain online, regardless of any disaster or catastrophe that may strike your location.


Azure provides a secure platform to its users since the data is protected by a “spy-movie” environment. It is created considering the privacy and security demand of growing businesses in today’s economy. You can rest assured that it is very unlikely a hacker will be able to penetrate your online data, as long as Microsoft is there to guard it.

Great Storage Capacity

With multiple data centres at different locations, you can store infinite data on Azure. Since the service is on a cloud, you can access this information from anywhere.


Instead of purchasing the latest equipment, which implicates high costs, Azure allows you to rent equipment at an economical price. Customers that choose to work under a contract can benefit from additional discounts.


Many companies don’t allow their customers to upgrade or downgrade their services. Azure, on the other hand, allows customers to make alterations to their package, so you only pay for what you require.

Varied Platform

Microsoft Azure supports application development in .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby, and allows developers to use Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Visual Studio to create and deploy applications. Developers can work with any programming language they want.


We all know that Microsoft offers reliable and user-friendly services. When looking for great cloud computing services, MS Azure will not let you down. There is no doubt with such a fantastic record, that Microsoft will ever disappoint you. Considering the discussed benefits of Azure, we encourage you to give this online service a shot.

Image credit: Microsoft azure g0d4ather / Shutterstock.com