How To Buy An E-Book Reader?

Here is what all you need to know in advance before buying an E-Book Reader!!!!

Ane-book reader, also called ane-book deviceore-reader, is a portable electronic device which is designed for reading the digital books and periodicals.

Now days it is an invaluable gadget for everyone. The first e-book reader was released byAmazon. With time many other like Sony,Barnes & Noble, Bookeen, Jinke, Samsungjoin this product line by launching their ebooks readers at affordable prices for the masses.

Checkout the following post before you buy an E-book Reader.

Display Technology…!!

This is one of the important feature before selecting an e-book reader. As most of the time your eyes will spend time on the display of your e-book reader, the screen(display technology) is important. In general, e-book readers only come in two display variants; LCD and E-ink.

LCD e-book readers usually has bright and colorful capacitive touchscreens that respond to finger presses and are more responsive that E-ink eReaders.

E-ink e-book readers has black and white displays as E-ink is monochrome. It doesn’t affects your eyes during long reading sessions. It’s also easy to see in direct sunlight. Other benefit of these devices arethere long battery life.


How easily you can interact or use your e-book reader.Some e-book readers rely on finger presses, some on pen styluses, and some on tactile keyboards that rely on button presses to navigate with.

Screen Size…!!!

This is also a very important feature which you should pay attention before buying. since you need to carry the device with you for your use its size and weight do matters. E-book reader screen sizes vary from small 3″ screens to large 12″ displays.

E-book Formats…!!!

Ebooks are published in a variety of formats and each device has its own ebook store.Not all e-book readers except all e-book document formats so you must be sure of the formats that are excepted. Besides, some popular e-book formats(includesPDF, EPUB, Doc, and CHM)TXT, html, and AZW formats are also there.


Other than just displaying digital books you must check out for some additional features like online digital book stores, audio playback, web browsing, and even digital apps.


Before buying you must check out your e-book reading accessories like a covering case, a wall battery recharger, protective screens or a cleaning kit, and a carrying case.