5 Things To Watch For When Buying Followers On Instagram

buying followers on instagram

Getting a lot of followers on Instagram is a goal among many brands because more followers mean more eyes can see your products making more sales likelier. Though it is frowned on, buying followers on IG is quite popular. There is the risk, however, of falling into the hands of sellers that offer fake accounts or bots, which, if engaged, can damage your reputation on the platform by causing you to have an absurdly low engagement to follower ratios.

Nothing kills your brand faster than users noticing that your followers are fake. Nonetheless, if you are able to create good content, it is possible to buy Instagram followers and gain, as long as you buy from the right people. To find out the features of a reliable service provider, here you can visit website of such one. The next section is a list of things to look out for when buying followers on Instagram. You can use a growth agency to get more real followers, too.

Qualities and red flags to watch for

1. Cheap but not too cheap

While followers should be affordable, sites that offer dirt cheap rates for acquiring followers, an example would be an offering of 1000 followers for less than a dollar, are most likely offering you low quality followers. There’s a high probability that most of the followers you’d get from an offering like this are bots or ghost users, i.e. inactive accounts.

2. Targeted Followers

Quality follower sellers will not just sell you random users, even though they are people with genuine accounts that log on to Instagram very often, because they understand that social media users only interact with content that is meaningful to something they believe in, stand for or care about. If during the process of purchase the seller never asks about your brand, the type of content you intend to put out, the type of followers you are looking for and the theme of your page, you should take that behavior as a huge red flag and consider halting the transaction or withdrawing your money if you have deposited any.

3. Customer Support

Acquiring followers is just the first stage, you still have to take the time to engage them. Companies that sell followers understand this, and a quality seller will offer additional support services that will help your engagement efforts. Such services may include offering strategies for when to post and offering hashtag suggestions among others. The important thing, however, is that you should be able to reach the individual or organization that has sold you followers anytime both during and long after the purchase has been made. Steer clear of anonymous sellers who offer no concrete identity or accountability.

4. Transparency

Buying followers on IG is a risky business, it can go horribly wrong and will do severe damage to your online credibility. Thus, you should do your best to have a good understanding of the methods a seller will use to improve your follower count, so you can do your own research and verify that the methods will at least not bring your business’ page to ruin. Any seller who is not willing to give you a basic idea of how their strategy works should be discarded. While no good business person will reveal his trade secrets, a good seller will at least give you a breakdown of how their intended strategy is supposed to work and the results you should expect at the different stages of the process. Anything short of this is a red flag.

5. An understanding of Instagram’s Algorithms

Sellers who lay emphasis on the benefits of having many followers instantly without mentioning any of the risks attached should trigger your suspicion. Instagram uses algorithms to sniff out strange activity among accounts, and while it does happen, suddenly gaining 5000 extra followers overnight is definitely strange. This will trigger the platform’s policing mechanisms and cause them to sniff around your account to see the source of such a boost. Good sellers understand this and will advise that you spread out the following growth over time.

What is so special about Instagram that makes people risk buying followers?

Instagram is a world on its own. Its daily user population averaged at 500 million, makes Instagram, IG, or ‘The Gram,’ whichever you want to call it, a very powerful tool for companies, brands, and small businesses to acquire new customers and interact with existing clients. Its engagement rates and user tendencies to search for products make it an ideal ecommerce platform.

According to software company Sprout Social, 60% of Instagram users log in daily, and the average time spent on the platform, daily, is 53 minutes, a feat bested only by Facebook. Moreover, further statistics from Sprout Social, say that 83% of users discover new products and services, 81% research these products, and 80% use brand pages on the site to decide whether or not to make a purchase. The introduction of a new feature, ‘Shop’, is going to make the ecommerce section of the platform even smoother, as users will be able to search for and buy products without having to log out or visit another site.

It is clear enough from the information presented above that if you are a business owner who is not doing his or her best to maximize your company’s reach on Instagram then you are ignoring a potential source of extra revenue.

Many firms have discovered this and the sheer profitability of the website has led to a rapid evolution of digital media marketing practices. The simple truth that getting a lot of followers on Instagram is good for your business is a glaring one. For this reason, a lot of people are willing to do whatever it takes to get more followers, and that includes buying followers. If you are one of those, the above section on qualities and red flags to watch for will help you do it with less risk.