5 Great Tips for Arranging Clothes Racks in Your Retail Store

Clothes Racks

The setup of your clothing store can impact how much customers spend and how much time they spend there. It can also affect the ambiance and other elements of your operations, so it’s important to have the layout at the top of your list. Here are some tips.

Shopping Space

Don’t stack racks upon racks upon displays. People need space to shop. When buying clothes racks, consider the space around them you’ll need for shoppers in addition to their actual size. When in doubt, give customers extra space.

Display Angles

When arranging displays and clothing racks, you need to consider how they are seen from every angle in the store. How does the merchandise look? Is it showing off its best side(s)? Feel free to adjust as much as necessary and ask for help if you need an extra set of eyes.


You want to be careful about the placement of your racks when it comes to the lighting in your store, and vice versa. You don’t want shadows falling on key items that should be highlighted. With clothing, you want the lighting to hit the clothes—and the customer—perfectly. Always consider the light and how it impacts the display of your racks and the items that they hold.


Of course, the biggest element of your retail store is the flow. Customers need an obvious point of entry and traffic flow through the clothes racks and other shop fittings. They need to be able to seamlessly navigate through the store, to the cash wrap, and back out the door without so much as a second thought. Your racks and displays should accommodate that.

Fixture Size

While you want plenty of space to showcase your clothes, you don’t want to have huge racks that take over the space. Think about the imposing feel of major big-box stores and their giant shelves that require lifts to access. That’s the last thing you want, so you need to avoid oversized fixtures. Find displays with smaller footprints and consider alternatives to traditional shelving, too.

These are just a few tips to help you get the best arrangement from your clothes racks, no matter how much floor space you have.