5 Facts You Need To Know About Vaporizers

vaping young man produces vapor on sunset silhouette

As you begin your journey towards the learning of what vaping is, what it offers, where you can find the best herb vaporizer, and why it’s a safer alternative to smoking, below are additional pieces of information you need to know about this innovation in cannabis-related products.

1. Flavour Combinations

On the brighter and lighter side of all things-cannabis, you will love the fact that there is an abundance of vape flavours you can get your hands, or more like, nose, on. Although vapes for e-cigarettes try to boast of this feature, the selection for cannabis vapes is that much more varied.

Besides this, their flavours and aromas are incomparable to e-cigarette juices. This mainly has to do with how vape juices are extracted from hemp, which, is remarkably aromatic in itself. And when its purity and potency is maintained (not too many external alternations administered to its original organic state), different flavours will be heightened, no matter their variety.

2. Different From Liquid Nicotine

We’re still on the topic of cannabis concentrates and we can very assuredly state that they are nothing like nicotine liquid nicotine. Poisonings because of liquid nicotine are escalating, especially with the notoriety of vaping increasing almost anywhere around the world.

Aside from the already-disreputable components such as tar and nicotine, e-cigarette’s e-liquids are brimming with volatile organic compounds. They even contain heavy metals and diacetyl, all of which contribute to serious lung diseases.

But when it comes to cannabis concentrates and juices, you will not have to fret about these. Even more so with dry herbs. Through controlled amounts of these CBD-commodities, you can vape away in a properly-healthy manner.

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3. Interchangeable Ovens For Dry Herbs AND Concentrates

There are different types of marijuana vapes which vary in overall size and structure, heating and temperature settings, chamber capacity, etc. Today, there’s another feature that’s unique to cannabis vaporizers— ovens that are interchangeable for both dry herb AND concentrate heating!

It’s an astonishing innovation to the device. Something that is fresh off the bat and yet is gaining momentum in amassing a larger crowd of vape enthusiasts.

With this kind of oven, you won’t have to stick to just one kind of medium for your cannabis-vaping needs. If you want to take a draft from dry herbs, you can. If you want to take a whiff off of concentrates, switch the oven around and savour its vapour. All from the same vaporizer!

4. Vaping For Nausea, Headaches, And Stress

Popping pills every now and then whenever you experience nausea and headaches might be something you’re used to. Most people turn to conventional over-the-counter medications for quick bodily relief.

This is what vape-users are able to appreciate about hemp-vaping— among its benefits is that it can ease chronic body pains and discomforts.

Your brain’s protein loops, or cannabinoid receptors, are met with said cannabinoid components. When this happens, the pain signals are relaxed and mitigated through vaping.

5. Chargers ONLY For Vaporizers

Charge your vape only with its own charger. Chargers of other gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets may have too high a voltage for your vaping device. As a result, the vape may malfunction over time. Or it may “explode” (as in some cases).

Unless your seller tells you that their product can be charged with any kind of electronic gadget charger, stick to the one that’s already paired with it.