5 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

Digital Marketing Strategies

The high penetration of internet and mobile accessibility mean that the number of people who go online keep on increasing daily. The constant internet user size in adults increased by 5% in the past three years as per Pew Research.

This has also redefined the way people browse, shop, entertain themselves across the world. Customer acquisition and customer retention have undergone a massive overhaul, as a result. Offline marketing is not as impactful as it used to be. Since marketing is really about connecting with your audience in the right place and right time, it means to meet them where they are spending their maximum time Ė on the internet.

Digital marketing consists of all marketing efforts that use electronic devices or the internet. Businesses can optimize digital channels like search engines, social media, email and websites to connect with current and potential customers.

Letís take a look at some of the top digital marketing strategies for  2020

1.       Instagram is where the action is

Instagram has seen a meteoric rise ever since its launch and has over one billion users. It is also one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms.  But perhaps the best news is that it is the younger, much sought-after demographic that uses Instagram Ė a reason why Facebook seems to be peaking.

Not just product companies, anyone with a service, a virtual service or the entertainment industry can leverage Instagram to increase engagement, traffic and conversions.

2.       Video

If you havenít already used video marketing, you should really consider it this year. Text-based content is useful for SEO purposes and also certain types of product marketing but with decreasing time and attention spans, plain, old textual content canít compete with video.

It is a mobile-crazy world and people are watching more videos than ever. Videos become viral in an instant with the power of the smartphones. Video marketing is highly engaging, and you can use the live streaming option to make the most of an active and engaged target base.

Here are some statistics from ImpactBND that show how video has grown:

Fifty two percent of customers claim that watching product videos helps them and makes them more confident about online purchasing decisions.

Seventy percent of consumers have shared a brandís video.

72% of businesses claim that video has helped their business.

3.       Good Content Matters

Content Marketing is an important component of digital marketing but now there is an increased emphasis on context in content.

Googleís BERT update released in 2019 has made matters even more complex as the search engines now have a deeper and better understanding of online content. Marketers must think strategically about their target audience and how they can customize and contextualize content more effectively.

The new BERT algorithm helps the search engine gain a superior understanding of the natural language used in search queries.

This means using a combination of content marketing best practices that include a great website, a great mobile app, email marketing, interactive content and blogging. For instance, an online casino company uses their website as the first point of contact between the service and the customer.† A well-designed, live casino website that is clear, focused and user friendly and provides visitors with a clear overview of what to expect, immediately establishes confidence in the customers.

4.       Omnichannel Marketing

Customers are active on multiple platforms and devices. This means that omnichannel marketing is essential to reach with customers on more digital touchpoints and offering an enhanced user journey.

Using emails, mobile apps, social media, website blogs for customer retargeting and improving loyalty in customers can drive more engagement than a single channel approach. It leads to higher customer retention, better order value and purchase frequency.

With the increased use of AI, companies can now also use data insights and machine learning to reach a better understanding of customer behaviour and then customise it to a higher level.


Things are moving fast in the world of digital marketing. In 2021, AI, video, voice search, interactive content will dominate the trends in digital marketing. This is the time for businesses to act and connect with the younger demographics and tech savvy users in better and more exciting ways to make their journey easier/