5 Benefits of Using Ibotta to Make Money

Using Ibotta

Is your bank account drained after a trip to the grocery store? 

Guess what: there’s an app for that. If you are looking to save money shopping today, the best resource is located right in the palm of your hand. With the Ibotta app, you can make money while you shop!

Read on to learn how to maximize the Ibotta app on your next purchase.

1. Ibotta’s Rebates System   

Ibotta is an app that makes you money while you spend it. Essentially a cash-back rebate app, Ibotta alerts you to rebate deals in the grocery stores you already shop in.

All you have to do is: 

  1. Pick deals on the app,
  2. Purchase related items
  3. Scan your Ibotta barcode at the checkout

And then, boom you can redeem your cash-back rewards straight on the app. It’s easy as that. 

This app is user-friendly and an overall super helpful tool for saving you money. Just by following the steps located on this site, you can cash in on a $30 reward just for using the app today.     

2. Store Loyalty Cards

Does your store loyalty card belong to one of Ibotta’s preferred partners? If so, you’ll get more rebates and exclusive deals after you’ve linked the store card. 

The best thing about logging your loyalty card in the app comes when you get to the checkout. You’ll don’t need to keep track of pesky receipts to gain rewards. Your loyalty card logs your purchases automatically on the Ibotta app when used in-store. 

Just be sure to verify all your purchases in Ibotta, and you’ll earn cash back on all applicable rebates.

3. Take Advantage of Recurring Rebates

Return to Ibotta often to take advantage of ongoing rebates in the app. Plan for these, and you’ll be sure to get cash back on every visit to the supermarket.

While you can’t get multiple rebates per receipt, you can anticipate that some of the same rebates will appear in the next weekly or monthly cycle. Deals refresh every 2-3 days on the app. If you make separate purchases a few days apart, you can redeem different rewards even if you’re purchasing the same item. 

And here’s a little lifehack for you: if you’ve already redeemed a rebate for one item but need to purchase it again, do it! Ibotta still logs the purchase and will allow you to redeem rewards during the next rebate cycle. 

4. Good Things: Small Packages

To maximize your earning potential, always go with deals and rebates for smaller items. It will pay off much better in the end. 

If you come across a deal and rebate that go together, even better. Let’s say 3 individual power bars are on sale for $1 each. And it just so happens the app offers a 50 cent rebate. That means you’ll see half off your entire purchase, putting you only $1.50 out of pocket. 

Your savings potential is out of this world when you use bonus rebates in the app for single purchases.

5. Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are like goldmines for extreme savings. With many products already marked down to a low price, rebates of up to 1-2 dollars can guarantee a 100% free purchase after cash-back!

Out of all the stores you shop in, this is the easiest way to make money!

Check Out Ibotta Today

Are you ready to hit your stride on easy street? You better! We hope this article helped you discover how to save money the smart way with your smartphone! Check out Ibotta today.