3 Tools and Services That Are Actually Worth the Investment

Tools and Services

Should Your Business Invest in Managed IT Services? What About Cloud Storage? Hereís Everything You Need to Know to Decide

The mediaís portrayal of entrepreneurship is pretty rosy — itís a lot of creative, tech-savvy people working together to make a dream happen, and theyíre always having fun while they do it. While launching your own business is absolutely an exciting experience, it also involves a lot of hard work, late nights, and difficult decisions. One of the most difficult decisions, particularly when your business is just starting out, is where to invest your funds to achieve the most growth.

There are plenty of services out there for business owners, but these are the 3 we think are truly valuable to entrepreneurs:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud Storage
  • Social Media Management Tools
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Managed IT services ensure your business always has the latest tech and the best support without requiring you to hire your own IT department.

1. Managed IT Services

No matter what your industry, having the right tech is essential to giving your business a competitive edge over the competition. Unfortunately, buying, maintaining, and training staff on new technology puts a major drain on a startupís resources. Thatís where managed IT services come into play.

Investing in managed IT services is a great idea for small businesses because it gives them all of the benefits of a dedicated IT team, without the financial burden of hiring additional staff. That means it gives you more bang for your buck, which is why managed IT services are at the top of our list of worthwhile investments.

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Unfortunately, we canít always be in the same location as our team. When thatís the case, cloud storage makes sharing data simple and secure.

2. Cloud Storage

Two other major challenges entrepreneurs face involve data — specifically, securing and sharing it. A small business just doesnít have the same security resources that a larger business does, but luckily cloud storage can level the playing field (while making files easier to share, to boot).

Cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Google Drive invest countless hours and dollars into making sure your data stays secure when you store it on their platform. Plus, both allow collaborative editing, which makes sharing and updating files a breeze.

Social media is an important tool for growing businesses.

3. Social Media Management Tools

In a world where many people scroll a greater distance than they walk every day, social media is an invaluable tool for small businesses. One of the best ways to help your brand grow is to get it in front of your target audience, and building a strong social media presence is perhaps the most effective way to do that.

Managing content across social media platforms can be a hassle, which is why social media management tools take the final spot on our list. They take the hassle out of an essential part of growing your business, which makes them pretty important in our book.

As a small business owner, itís important to make sure youíre getting the greatest return on the money you put into your company. Managed IT services, cloud storage, and social media management tools are all worthwhile investments — start exploring your options today and find out exactly how quickly they can help your startup grow.