3 Hyperlocal Marketing Ideas For Your Business


Businesses rely a great deal on digital marketing in order to generate interest. As new trends are being introduced, it’s important for companies to enhance their marketing efforts online.  One thing’s for sure, using the right strategies will allow them to focus more on engaging the right people.

Still, creating effective strategies for audience outreach can be complicated from the get-go. For one, there is always a need for marketers to build the right content form of content. Another crucial issue is delivering the content they produce to their target audiences. However, it’s important to note that both of these challenges can easily be resolved through hyperlocal marketing.

But what does it really mean when we say hyperlocal?

For companies that want to market their products and services based on a very specific profile, it helps to include location as a factor. After all, people living in a particular place respond differently to a message than people outside of that area. This is because the culture and the larger society they are living in dictate their choices and reactions. In this way, marketers will focus more on locations rather than base their strategies on general demographic data.

Going hyperlocal with your marketing means you need to understand your audience through how they walk and talk within their area. For Steven Olenski in an article for Forbes, hyperlocal marketing allows companies to create highly targeted campaigns as well as understand how customers behave locally.

With these points in mind, a hyperlocal campaign would be a surefire way to drive results from local markets. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Conduct keyword research

It helps if you have a robust keyword strategy in mind. For this, you will need to use keyword research tools that will help you determine the terms and phrases offering the most value to your business. By having a ready list of localized search terms to include in your content, you will more likely enhance your visibility.

Build local citations

Local SEO campaigns also involve a great deal of citation building. This gives you an extra edge in terms of visibility. It allows you to drive more traffic and increases your brand’s reputation since you are providing local users with complete information about your business. With citations, you will be able to gain more conversions in the form of telephone calls or downloads. Make sure to include the complete address of your office. Better yet, you can use location tagging features on Google Maps.

Leverage the power of uniqueness

If you are looking to reach out to your audience through social media, you need to create a campaign that’s anchored on uniqueness. A hyperlocal strategy involves using local ideas and repackaging these ideas for individual users. For example, if the community you are targeting is going celebrate a local holiday, you can use festive tropes in your responses to Facebook comments.

You can also greet individual users and communicate with them about the holiday itself. For example, you can say “So, how are you enjoying this Alaska Day? Hope you can find time to watch the parade later.”