13 Great Video Streaming Websites For Your Mobile Device

There’s a fair share of quality video streaming websites on the web, but not all of them work smoothly on small-screen mobile devices. Poor navigation, bad resolution, or slow streaming are all common problems you may face when using a video streaming website not optimized for use on the iPhone, iPad, smartphone, and so on.

This selection of video streaming websites includes only those websites that I know from my own experience to work flawlessly with smartphones and Apple devices.

1. YouTube.com

The most popular video streaming website, YouTube works with mobile devices much better than any other similar website. You’ll be able to watch YouTube videos on any device that supports Flash.

2. Vimeo.com

A bit more sophisticated than YouTube, Vimeo is smaller than the latter, which makes it less prone to spam. Vimeo attracts primarily users that post personal videos in HD format, and is increasingly used by video artists.

3. Hulu.com

Powered by the NBC, Hulu is arguably the biggest and most popular legal movie and TV shows video streaming website. The quality of the videos available on Hulu is excellent, and the user interface makes navigation fun.

4. Metacafe.com

An alternative to YouTube, Metacafe features many videos which you can find on the latter. Nevertheless, Metacafe offers a fair share of unique videos, most of them do-it-yourself guides. Many of these tutorials are of excellent quality.

5. Archive.org

Find here classic documentaries, most of them made in the 60s and 70s. A nice streaming website to check when you’re bored of Hulu, YouTube, or Vimeo. I particularly liked the space videos.


6. Veoh.com

A relatively new video streaming website, Veoh features a dozen or so free TV shows, including CSI and the Big Band Theory. Some of the video content you can find on Veoh is not available anywhere else on the web.

7. Dailymotion.com

With video content of all kinds, Dailymotion sometimes features short-videos that you cannot find on YouTube. Exploring it can be fun.

8. Videoart.net

Videoart is tiny compared to other names in this list, but the videos available all come from professional artists. You’ll discover here many great video animations.

9. NBC.com

Already offering many free TV shows for free, NBC periodically adds new titles to its video collection. Among others, you can watch on it Heroes.

10. BroadbandSports.com

Featuring exclusively sports videos, BroadbandSports includes highlights and recaps, some of which are superior to those available on YouTube.

11. DevilDucky.com

Compiles videos of all kinds from many online sources, with a focus on TV shows and short movies. It also features a lot of fan videos.

12. Newgrounds.com

Mostly focused on user-submitted funny videos, Newgrounds is a must-check if you’re looking for satire. The content available here is different from what you’d expect to find on YouTube or other big streaming websites. What’s more, the quality of the UI is remarkable.

13. Sevenload.com

A glossy video content website, Sevenload features mostly music and art videos. You won’t find that many videos here, but those those available will impress you, as they did me.