10 Tips for an Entertaining Wedding


We’ve all been to those weddings where everyone was bored out of their minds. The entertainment was poor, the food was fair, and the company was less than desirable. You want your wedding to be fun and to have great memories of the event.

It’s more than about entertaining guests. The bride and groom also want to have a good time. There’s nothing worse than checking your watches during a reception when you should be celebrating.

If you want to avoid a snore of a wedding reception, here are some things you can do to ensure an entertaining wedding.

  1. Choose a Great Band

The music will hold a lot of weight in how much fun your guests are having. A popular band that plays the right tunes will get people dancing and help to fill the time between traditional aspects of the wedding reception.

Try to go with a well-known band in your area. This is an affordable option that guarantees a good time at your wedding.

  1. Feed Your Guests

Guests will overlook almost anything as long as they have delicious food in their bellies and drinks in their hands. Make a statement with your choice of catered dish but try to choose something that everyone likes. For example, pasta, cake, and ice cream are old hat, but sushi rolls, jalapeno poppers, and a signature dish will add flair to your special day.

  1. Choose a Great Venue

Think about how the location will affect your plans. If you choose an outside venue in the spring, guests might get cold. On the other hand, an indoor venue on a beautiful summer day might be a bummer.

Your budget largely determines the venue, but you can get creative and choose an interesting location with plenty of space for tables and dancing. Look at old barns, hotels, and other popular party venues.

  1. Have a Photo Booth

Many brides and grooms are using photo booths to entertain guests and collect memories. Set up an elegant photo backdrop with fun props like mustaches, top hats, veils, and other accessories. Have your photographer hang out nearby so he/she can take photos of guests as they pose in front of your backdrop. If you have some extra cash, rent a photo booth machine like those you see in the mall.

  1. Encourage Photo Sharing

In the old days, wedding reception tables were often decked out with disposable cameras so that guests could take candid photos of your wedding. That way, you have a collection of fun photos that your photographer might have missed.

You can resurrect this old tradition or do something similar using social media. Encourage guests to share smartphone photos with a hashtag on Instagram. For example, they can tag photos with #thompsonwedding. Afterward, you can go on Instagram and collect your candids.

  1. Don’t Let Toasts Get Out of Hand

We’ve all been to weddings where the toasts drug on and on. You might enjoy it, but your guests will be happier if this portion is short and sweet.

Limit the number and length of the toasts given at your wedding. Designate a few members of your party to share rather than asking for volunteer toasts to discourage lengthy sharing.

  1. Consider Alternate Entertainment

The band will need breaks, and your guests might like a variety of entertainment. Consider bringing in specialty performers that range from singing waiters to fire breathers. It certainly adds excitement to the wedding!

If you want to get the wedding party involved in the entertainment piece, try a flash mob. When the band takes a break, the flash mob can begin, surprising and delighting your guests.

  1. Have a Craft Table

Many wedding planners have used craft tables where guests can create a special gift for the bride and groom to take home. This sounds a little cheesy, but it makes for some great keepsakes, and it keeps the kids entertained!

These mementos are things like blocks with the wedding date on them, decorated Christmas ornaments, and banners. Include a few kid-themed crafts that kids can take home.

  1. Have a Dance-Off

While the band is playing a particularly upbeat song, instigate a dance-off. To keep things running smoothly, inform the wedding party ahead of time, so they’ll jump in without being asked. This will encourage others to dance freely and have a great time.

  1. Relax and Have Fun

Most importantly, remember that if you’re having fun, so will your guests. They can sense your mood, and if you’re stressed and upset, it will rub off on them.

It’s your wedding! Let loose and enjoy what you’ve planned. You deserve to have a great time and enjoy your spouse.