10 Super Duper Multiplayer Online Games

This post lists some popular massive multiplayer online games. Some of the games are free without subscription or payments. And for others you need to either subscribe or pay for them.

1. Allegiance – Multiplayer 3D real time strategy and player piloted space combat game. Microsoft released this game for windows on March 16, 2000.

2. Gekkeiju Online – Suvi Aalto & Coolhouse developed this 3D multiplayer game for windows. In this players have to control an animated like character in a medieval fantasy world.

3. Infantry Online – Multiplayer game released by Sony Online Entertainment in 1999. Its an action game where players have to fight in an isometric battleground.

4. Meridian 59 – 3D multiplayer adventurous role playing game. Andrew Kirmse and Chris Krimse released this game in December 15,1995.

5. SubSpace – This is a 2D action game which allow its players to do all the things related to a spaceship.

6. Terra – Free 3D multiplayer battle game for windows.  Players play as a vehicle operator in a 24×7 3D virtual world.

7. Allods Online – This is a traditional 3D fantasy game released in 2010. This game is free to play, although you may optionally purchase in-game items.

8. Atlantica Online – This is a 3D fantasy turn based multiplayer battle game. You may find guild- controlled customizable cites. Certain cites may require guild membership.

9. DECO Online – This is a 3D combo based combat game. Here players can earn fame, enhance items and change jobs.

10. Cabal Online – This is a 3D Sci-Fi  combo battle game released in 2006.

This list of  windows multiplayer online games does’nt end here only. There are many more games. You may have your own choice. Please do share your choices with us!!!