10 Exclusive Ways to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

Vaporizer Battery

Vaporizers rely on their batteries to deliver the best vaping experience. Vape users often make complaints about the limited battery life of vaporizers. Fortunately, you can increase the battery of your pen for maximum fun and enjoyment.

A battery is a necessary component in vapes to heat the coils. Some people prefer to purchase extra batteries for their vape from a smoker supply shop. You can also consider buying additional batteries, but try 10 exclusive ways to extend the life of a vaporizer battery.

1.     Unplug Once it is Charged

It will help if you don’t leave a vape battery charger plugged overnight. It is a common reason to damage batteries of your vape by increasing the probability of overcharging and overheating.  If you are accustomed to charge your vaporizer in the night, make sure to unplug it when it is at 90 percent.

Overcharging can decrease the capacity of the battery. You are free to plug your device when its battery is almost 40 percent. It is necessary to protect your battery from potential issues.

2.     Switch Off a Vape Pen

Nowadays, vape pens are available with sleep modes and handy button locks. These buttons enable you to wake up your vape without any trouble instantly. Remember, sleep mode can passively drain your battery. If you want to increase the life of vape batteries, make sure to switch off your device completely.

3.     Properly Store Your Vape

The method to store batteries of vape can impact their life. For this reason, you have to store them appropriately. It is not good to leave them in your car on a cold or a hot day. Outside weather can negatively impact the health of vaporizerís battery. Make sure to keep them away from moisture because even a drop of water can damage them.

4.     Avoid Draining Batteries of Vaporizer

If you want to decrease the expense of batteries, you have to avoid draining their batteries. A partially drained battery can recharge quickly as compared to a completely drained unit. Feel free to charge your battery once it is 50%. It will help you to increase the life of your battery.

5.     Frequent Rotation

There is no harm in purchasing extra batteries from a smoker supply shop. Make sure to rotate these batteries frequently. If you have a spare battery in your pocket to use it for emergencies, you are wearing this battery down inadvertently. Regularly rotate batteries of your evaporator to increase their life.

Pay Attention to Cleaning

Wipe down all your batteries with the help of a cotton swab. Remember, it is essential to keep their contact points clean. If you want to avoid grimy and sticky batteries, avoid liquid spills. Keep them away from heat and combustible material.

Dirt and dust can make connections of your vaporizer weak. It forces batteries to work hard to produce a suitable amount of power. You will need this power for the production of a quality hit. If your battery is working hard, its lifespan will reduce automatically.

It may drain quickly and force you to put it on a charger. Keep your batteries clean and dry to improve their performance.

6.     Full Charge for a Battery before Storing It

Before storing a battery for a few weeks, it is essential to give is a complete charge. If your battery is not entirely charged, it will drain slowly in storage. As a result, it will be forced to work hard during your next usage. This work hard can be dangerous for the entire life of your battery.

7.     Use Accurate Charger

For your vaporizer, you canít use a random charger. Each charger is specially designed for a battery type. Therefore, you need to pick a suitable charger. It will help you to increase the life of your battery.

Make sure to use the charging cable and charger comes with the device. If you want to purchase a replacement, make sure to select a reputable company. Once a battery reaches its maximum charge capacity, you have to remove it from a charger immediately.

8.     Remove Cartomizer

If your device is idle for some time, you have to remove its cartomizer. Keep it in mind that it completes the circuit of your vape. As a result, the battery of your vape pen will drain passively. Just unscrew the cartomizer to extend the life of a vaporizer battery.

9.     Avoid Overfilling E-liquid

Avoid overfilling your battery with extra e-liquid. Terminals of battery are exposed and open on automatic models of the vaporizer as you refill a tank. Remember, e-liquid can leak on the battery and block its electrical circuits. As a result, your vaporizer becomes useless.

Pour liquid slowly and stop before it reaches the top. Keep your battery fully charged to get the advantage of uninterrupted vaping.

10. Protect Battery of Vaporizers

Remember, your vaporizer is useless without its battery. You have to use your vape regularly and keep your batteries clean. If the battery of a vaporizer works harder, it can drain quickly. Once your battery is out of order, replace it immediately.

Keep the battery of your pen clean and avoid getting it too cold or too hot. It is essential to charge your battery before it drops out completely. The thread between the cartomizer and the battery should stay clean.

Moisture, grime, and dust may ruin and build up your battery. A cotton swab is sufficient to keep battery joints and cartomizer clean. If you donít want to use the vaporizer, turn it off immediately.

These things will help you to decrease your expenses and elongate the life of batteries. With the regular use of a vape device, you can keep its battery in fantastic shape. Similar to other batteries in a smart device, the battery of modern vapes must be charged and discharged regularly.

If you want to purchase extra batteries, make sure to buy compatible batteries of the same brand. It will help you to get the advantage of uninterrupted vaping.