10 Cool Travel Gadgets you Don’t Need at All

There are some essential gadgets required when you go for a travel trip, but along with those necessary gadgets there are other number of gadgets that totally a waste. Today we are going to list some of thecoolest gadgets, gizmos and accessories that will surely help choose what not to take on travelling.

1.Narrative clip-on camera ( $279)

Narrative clip-on camera

A camera that clips to your clothes and automatically and regularly it takes 2 photos per minute when turned ON. This is a five megapixel camera, and its supporting app lets you save, organize and search the images.

2.Modern-twist mark-mat ( $18-25)

Modern-twist mark-mat

A great time-waster for kids is awashable mark-mat.The doodle-friendly placemats feature scenes on top cities including and Paris,washable mark-matcome alone or with four dry-erase markers to play.

3. Dom Reilly Watch Roll ($500 )

Dom Reilly Watch Roll

This is a high-tech foam, this the same material used for F1 cars, protects the timepieces from damage up to 97 percent. It saves the timepiece from shock from the impact.

4.Smythson Chameleon Collection Travel Journal ( $280)

Smythson Chameleon

This is a luxurious notebook that helps you to Jotting down the travel related musings. It has ultra-thin pages and goatskin cover.

5.Fitkit fitness solution ( $34.99)

Fitkit fitness solution

Fitkit fitness solution is a portable fitness solution combineshandled resistance tubes,resistance bands,pedometer, a jump rope,and handy light weightless than two pounds.

6.Scottevest Blackout Pocket ( $20-40)


You can delay thedigital thieves with thishigh-tech clothing pocket. This islined with an RFID-blocking material and has a small demensine oftotable 5×6.5-inch. You can securecellphones orinfo on credit cards fromskimmers andscanners.

7.Panasonic HX-A500 wearable camcorder ( $399.99)


This is the world’s first4K ( high resolution)25-frame-a-secondwearable camcorder, can be worn on any part of the body and can be controlled separate control panel. You can record even underwater.

8.SwaggeTag ( $3.99)


If you want to personalize your baggage, SwaggeTag is a colorful ID tag. You can choose a logo like your favorite sports team or any other image. Store personal information safely inside.

9.Trakdot luggage tracker ($89.99)

Trakdot luggage tracker

Trakdot luggage tracker is a device that can be mounted on your bag; it has GSM chip that will allow you to track its location on your computer or smart phone. The charges include activation and your first year’s service.

10.Two-Person Sandless Beach Mat ( $59.95)

Two-Person Sandless Beach Mat

This is a two-person beach mat originally developed for military use, made from a material that won’t stick to sand and don’t absorb moisture.