10 Best Ways to Get a Free SEO Report

seo report

Doing the SEO work for a website is not only to get the keyword rank or page rank on the search engines. It is something more than that. Prior to do the SEO work you need to get the position of your competitors who are ahead of your site. You need to know what are the secrets and strengths that give them top ten or first page rankings on the search engines according to the keywords that you have suggested for your site.

It requires a complete SEO analysis which should be free of cost. Through this free SEO report you will be able to get the SWOT analysis for your site which is vital for doing the SEO work for your website. Through this report you will be able to know the competitor site analysis and their marketing strategies that they have implemented and got the results. You have to find out the important parameters such as, the keywords that they are targeting for their site while your business are same and offering almost alike services to the customers.

It is most vital to find out the backlinks that they have generated for their site which you could also use for your site. You will be able to get the Onpage and Offpage analysis what is essential to get a good rank on the search engines through this free SEO report and which will help you to get the good supports to your website. You need to know that the number of indexed pages of your competitors site that you have to cross to get a good rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

seo report

To get all these free SEO report here are some website references which will help you to get the complete analytical views for your website.

How Good Is Your SEO

This website is offering you the service to get reports for your website which is analyzing the content, architecture (Technical aspects), popularity, keywords. You need to get signed in to the website through your email id and the free SEO report will be forward to your email through a designed PDF file format. You may get the comparative analysis of your site with your two competitive sites. You will be getting the results in a percentage format. The official website address is howgoodisyourseo.com.

Free SEO Report

Free SEO Report is the website where you will get the complete analysis of your website with the details about keywords, title tag, heading tag, meta tag, robot.txt, sitemap, body, url, backlinks, HTML, page load time and images. It generates a numeric credit point to the site which indicates the site is either SEO friendly or not. To get the facility you can go to www.freeseoreport.com and get the free SEO reports for your site.

DIYSEO Report Card

DIYSEO SEO is the website that provides a grade to your website by tracking the backlinks, Onpage optimization status, ranks of the keywords on various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It also considers the accessibility and speed factors of your website along with the trust factors such as Domain age, Moz rankings coupled with the current indexing of the site by the different search engines. It follows three steps pre verification process for your website with which it creates the free SEO reports such as : Plan, Act and Measure. You can get the facility through their official website at upcity.com/free-tools/seo-report-card

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is the free competitive SEO report generating website that is promoting by the SEOmoz. It is providing the facility to get the competitive analysis with up to 5 competitive websites. You will get the detailed analysis reports related to Page Authority, Domain Authority, Top Pages, Inbound Links, Domain MozRank, Domain MozTrust, Page MozTrust, Page MozRank, Internal and External Dofollow and Nofollow links, Total Internal and External Links, Root Domain Links, C Block Links and exclusive competitors website analysis. You may get the service through the website at www.opensiteexplorer.org

Majestic SEO Comparator

Majestic SEO Comparator compares the headline stats of your website with up to 5 different websites. It analyses the external backlinks, referring domains, class C subnets, total indexed urls, educational referring domains, referring domain IP address, educational backlinks, government external backlinks along with the referring governmental domains for the url that you have entered. You can get the service with their website at www.majesticseo.com/reports/comparator

Internet Marketing Ninjas Side-by-Side Comparison Tool

Internet Marketing Ninjas Side-by-Side Comparison Tool is provides the onpage comparison analysis up to 5 competitor’s website. It analyses the Meta description, Meta keywords, H1, H2 tags, keyword density and usage which will give you the complete picture that what SEO process you should use for your site further. It also gives you the numbers of total external and internal backlinks, non-linked words of a webpage and the page texts (linked and non-linked) for the urls that you have entered there. You can get the opportunity by entering on the website at www.internetmarketingninjas.com/seo-tools/seo-compare

SEO Workers Analysis Tool

SEO Workers Analysis Tool is offering you the benefit to get the detailed SEO reports for your website for the fields of HTTP Headers, Robot.txt, Meta Tags, Title Tags, Keyword Density, Keyword Relevancy, Inbound and External backlinks found on the WebPages for the url that you have entered there. You can get the reports regarding the Image Alt Attributes and Headings and keyword elements also. To get the service you have to logon to their official website at www.seoworkers.com/tools/analyzer.html

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is the SEO analytic website that you need to use for free of cost by downloading it on your computer. The software is used globally by over 250000 webmasters for getting the exact and correct SEO reports for their site. It is providing the detailed analytic reports on the keyword research, competition analysis with the other site, pages indexation reports by Google, Yahoo and Bing along with local rank reports. It shows the page alarms which can guide you to rectify your page scripting and make it error free. You can get the service from www.traffictravis.com.

SEO Mastering Site Comparison

SEO Mastering Site Comparison is comparing two web pages with different SEO features which will give you the guide lines for choosing the right process for you website. It analyses the keywords, contents, internal and external links, italic and bold texts, Headers, Meta Tags, Title Tags in a detailed way. It also analyses two or three word phrases that is used in the two pages for giving you the benefit. You can get the exact reports from its website at www.seomastering.com/site-comparison.php.

Ranks.NL Page Analyzer

Ranks.NL Page Analyzer is the unique website which can allow you to get the detailed analytic reports about your website content, keywords, title tags, Meta tags, IP address, Google Page Ranks, Keyword optimization reports through the chart representation, Social Networking stats, WhoRush data, Alt Tags, Anchor Texts, Bold Texts, Image Files, Italic Tags, Outbound links, URL backlinks by Majestic SEO supports, SEOMoz URL metric reports, Google Positions and many more. For getting the free service you have to log on to www.ranks.nl/tools/proximity.html.

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