50 Most Imaginative Photo Manipulation Examples of All Time

As image editing became popular with tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, photo manipulation has gone a long distance. Today social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and many more are all filled up with manipulated photos in every genre (from celebrities to politics), many of the shared photos are not real, they are modified in an image editing software or tool.

In this article we feature some of best examples of photo manipulation, where graphic designers work hard to create such incredible piece of work. These photos are also a great source of inspiration for many upcoming designers, as they possess such a wonderful creativity and imagination in them.

So, get ready to dive in the world of design inspiration, where creativity meets imagination.

1. Mariano Villalba


2. home is where the heart is


3. Chog


4. pareeerica


5. The Fire Lord


6. Jenny Leigh


7. Umbrella Girl


8. Evil


9. Fruit Manipulation


10. Josh Sommers


11. Chess king


12. The Eye


13. Mariano


14. Rain Spell


15. Ups…Falling Letters


16. parisude 2


17. Egg’s eye


18. Baby dragon


19. Perrier: Melt, Club


20. Brainwash


21. Monkeyman


22. Mio gps


23. Coffee


24. Iron man




26. African Bread Hut


27. Chronoscape- thundersnow


28. Selfreflect


29. Firewater


30. Smog


31. Erik Johansson


32. Careless


33. Extravaganza


34. Karol Kołodziński


35. melting point


36. Zebrafrog


37. Marco Escobedo Art / Design


38. Cook in brain


39. One bark two stings


40. Human Displacement


41. Smoke On The Water


42. Angry


43. Abyss


44. Flying Brain


45. Jerico Santander


46. Job Done


47. melody


48. Platinum Conception


49. React


50. On an Island