How to Improve Writing Skills

Do you want to become a great novelist someday? Or, maybe you wantto express your thoughts more clearly by writing. If you need to improve writing skills to become a creative writer or improve your skills for college work, you can do some things to improve and become a better writer.

It will take a considerable amount of study and knowledge, but with hard work you will achieve those hard earned writing skills and who knows someday, somebody will aspire to become just like you.

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Below you will find many ways to start and improve your writing skills, we have also listed some of the best sites that can help you in that improvement.

The Prime Ways to Improve Writing Skills

Do it like a Job

Practice makes you perfect, and writing also follows the same rule. So you need to spend time, again and again to become an amazing writer. There is no shortcut and it will take years of practice.

So make sure you make it a habit to write regularly and in time you will develop a unique style of yours.

Read, Read and Read

To develop writing skills, you also need to be a good reader. Reading will earn you expansion of horizons, reading material that are different can give you many good examples and material flow. Also give proper attention to the structure of the sentence. In time, you will learn what all in a sentence catches your attention and what not.

Get a Writing Buddy

Finding a writing partner will make you do better, you should be able to find one right person that can keep tabs on you. Your writing partner will check you time to time and pick errors and tell you what the correct way is. Ask your friends, colleague or someone who can keep an eye on your work. This way can keep you going for a long time.

Join workshops or a night class

Joining a class or a workshop can be a real experience, and it also means fun time, I know people hesitate disclosing things in public, but a right group of people can benefit you a lot. You will find many meeting that are being held for content marketing groups or a bloggers meet – here you will find some good examples, feedbacks, and you can write on those topics as well.

Use these Awesome Sites to Improve Writing Skills

1. Words-to-Use.com – A thesaurus with different approach.

2. OneLook.com – Very fast dictionary tool for search.

3. Vocabulary.com Improve your vocabulary by the fastest way possible.

4. ZenPen.io – Writing without interference, minimalistic approach to ditraction free writing.

5. 750words.com – Write 3 pages daily, that will stay between you and you.

6. Readability-Score.com – Scoring done on your writing called readability.

7. YouShouldWrite.com – It tells you what to write about, everytime you visit or refresh the site.

8. WriterKata.com – Exercises to improve writing by repeated different ways.

9. IWL.com – Which popular author do you write like? Find it by writing on the site.

10. HemingwayApp.com – Improve writing by breaking it down to easy levels.

11. FakeNameGenerator.com – Get your new fake name for your characters.

12. Storyline.io – Make use of others in completing a story.

For now, I will stop, take my opinion and finish this post here. Hopefully, you might have found some useful tips to improve writing skills. For any question and advice, please leave a comment.