How to Deal with Estate Agents and Prepare Your House for Selling

House for Selling

Do you know how the real estate agents earn such big amount of money in the flipping business? The reason is that they perceive the importance of preparing your house for selling. Mostly, they buy a house on an as-is basis. After that, they give it a new look by relinquishing the minimum amount it needs. Then they enlist it for sale.

So the point is that donít take any flippers rate. Just prepare your house well and then enjoin a good market rate like a pro. Moreover, you donít have to worry about the nominal cost which is needed to give your house a new and glossy look because you canít compare it to the appraisal you get upon listing.

We already noticed several people who always choose the easy way while selling a house and rue it later after seeing the high price after nominal adaptations. We wonít let you face the same outcome. Thatís why we are here to guide you step-by-step how to make your house ready to sell just in 1 month.


Formulate your house for scrutiny:

Formulate your house for scrutiny

At first, we would suggest you clean your house rigorously. Let you know, that you are going to compete with fresh and newly built residences where the entire house will be neat and clean. So the possible clients will observe your entire house and then compare it to the new properties around.

Itís crucial to clean every inch of the house and polish all the appliances such as vacuuming sofas and carpets. Wonít you get so much time to do all this by yourself? Well no problem, you can engage any home sale preparation service provider to complete the tasks. You just have to produce a neat and clean home that would be eye-catching to every client.


Forge your house spacious:

Forge your house spacious

Enough space in your house is very important. Mostly, itís a phantasm which can be rescinded as briskly as it takes to build it. Who doesnít like a spacious house? So whenever you create space in your house, it adds more value to your house. Moreover, it would help you to sell your house more quickly. At first, you have to start with removing the unnecessary items. We perceived that most clients are habituated seeing cluttered houses. So making your house spacious will definitely give you an edge.

Donít forget to remove everything which obstructs your house. We would suggest you start from your living room because it delivers the first impression which is really important. We referred the clutter here to the extra furniture such as shoe racks and coffee table.

A little bit of decluttering will provide a spacious look to your apparently small house. To be honest, only the unwanted items donít affect your space. It just backswing the shine off your sweet home and delivers a bad impression to your client.


Make your walls new and glossy:

Make your walls new and glossy

If you want to make your house ready to sell, provide it a new look. Always keep it in your mind that you are going to compete with newly built properties. So you need reasons which will impress the client and make him interested in your house instead of the other new properties. So the new look part is pivotal to make your house ready to sell. You have to choose the color wisely which may uplift your house selling possibility.

We have dealt with several clients. Based on our experiences, we can affirm that numerous clients are quite agitated about the post-purchase costs such as repainting and stuff. Consequently, if you donít repaint your house into an eye-catching color, they would probably depart the deal. So the way to evade is to repaint your houseís interiors and exteriors with some neutral colors such as white or ivory. It would be better if you utilize a single tone color for the whole house.


Wax the floors:

Wax the floors

Almost every house seller we faced admitted that they had only included floor repairing services at the end. Certainly, floors are the 2nd most important thing to upgrade before selling. Donít think that hiding your floor under the carpet will work. Most clients hire a professional home inspection officer to get an adept opinion regarding the condition of your house.

So even if your houseís unique features and space overcome the poor floor, it canít escape from the inspectorís eye. If your house has a cemented floor, then repaint them. Otherwise, for a hardwood floor, you can wax it.


Supersede all the missing fixtures:

Supersede all the missing fixtures

If you have any missing fixtures such as broken bathroom tap or cracked tile or anything else, replace them now. Itís really important to pay attention to especially kitchen and bathroom because they are supposed to be the most neglected parts of a house. Make your entire bathroom neat and clean and repair all the dents. You can also deglaze them and make them tidier with new mat and shower curtain.

You also have to clean all the sooty kitchen corners and sinks as well as drainage pipes. Never forget that just after the living room, almost every buyer pays attention to bathroom and kitchen.


Corroborate you home systems like HVAC are working:

Corroborate you home systems

Did you ever pay attention to the efficiency of you several systems such as heater and cooler? If you didnít, then do it now. Start maintaining your HVAC system from now. The client will definitely be happy to see the system in a working condition. You also have to maintain all the electrical appliances as well as plumbing systems.

Suppose the client will check if you have a flexible addition of sockets around the house or the cables are concealed deep into the walls. An enlightened buyer would know that the electric connections have a significant effect on the furniture arrangement. Therefore, he would go for a house that contains flexible arrangements with least nuisances.


Attach more lights to your sweet home:

Attach more lights to your sweet home

You are probably thinking what the point of adding more lights is. Well, who doesnít like a well-lit house? There are many factors such as how many sources of light are there in your rooms and how much natural light your rooms get through living or you have to keep the lights on an entire day. Therefore, if you donít have enough light then make it conspicuous because lighting condition plays a pivotal role in determining the buying decision.

We would suggest you comprise at least three light sources for each room. It would be great if you have 1 large or 3 medium natural light source into your living room. Nowadays, every modern house designer makes the ways for the natural light into the house. Therefore, you have to do it as well.


Develop the state of the basement and garage:


Do you jumble your all household clutters into your garage? Well, you may think that this is a good idea instead of hiring local storage unit. However, it negatively affects your near and clean house.

Donít think that moving all your clutters from rooms into the garage will abolish the issue. To be honest, this will just show that you have concentrated only on one section of your house which will negatively affect the sale strategy. Therefore, you have to hire a local storage unit to clear all the clutters.

Letís talk about the basement. You have to provide lightings and clean all the dusty corners. Another important thing is to eliminate the moldy smell which comes from the basement. So we would recommend you to install fans and ventilation windows for decent aeration.


Fabricate a long lasting first impression along with the driveway:

Fabricate a long lasting

If you have already read the article till here, you have already got the significance of the first impression. The first impression starts with the driveway which the client will face at first. One trick that would work is to develop a dislike for your house even before a client enters your house.

After that, you need to develop their interest towards your house by creating a very welcoming curb appeal. It isnít as hard as you think. You just have to repaint the curbs and rearrange the carbon blocks.

Adjoin a soothing appeal to your backyard:


You already have created a stunning living room. Well, do you know where most homeowners spend their time? The answer is the backyard of the house. So you also have to take care of the backyard. Therefore, make it as soothing and relaxing as possible. Moreover, you have to trim the grass and provide them pure water. Remove all the dirty and old flowers and replace them with new bright flowers. Also, remove all the dry plants and leaves. You can also replace the seats to a better position.

Another important thing is to ensure that the garden along with all the trees and benches are getting sufficient sunlight. You can also show your creativities in the backyard which will make the backyard more eye-catching.

Capture excellent photos of your house:

excellent photos

So till now, you understood how to make your house ready to sell fast. Now you have to preface your house to the real-estate market. You probably heard that a stunning picture contains a thousand words. Therefore, you have to capture few professional photos of your sweet home to highlight the grandeur of your house.

We would recommend you to hire a professional real-estate photographer because they comprehend the whole industry as well as buyerís headache. You can also apply some great effects on the professional photos that highlight the important ingredients.

The Doníts:

We know that itís very important to concentrate on what we should do to sell a house but itís also quite significant to focus on what we shouldnít do. There are several things you shouldnít share with your client.

Letís talk about the information which you shouldnít disclose to your client. Such as, till when the house has been listed for sale, the reason behind selling, etc. If you canít do the cunning discussion with your client then ask them to discuss with your real-estate agent. Thatís all you have to do to evade the doníts.


You have to arrange your house before selling for sure even if you have already moved out. Donít be depressed if your house takes too much time to sell. Always be prepared for the next possible client.

After the nominal refurbishment, it would become painless to maintain the house in an adequate condition. Apart from that, you have to do nothing, just be patient and your house will be sold soon.