Celebrate Your Anniversary With A Breathtaking Event


Your wedding was a special day where you proved your love and commitment to your partner in front of all of your friends and family. You can honour that significant moment in your life and celebrate the relationship you have by throwing a beautiful event on your anniversary.

The first thing you should do before planning any of the party details is find out what is the theme for your anniversary – people often base their gifts and decorations off of the traditional symbols associated with the romantic milestones. For instance, fifty years together is dubbed the golden anniversary when the partners give out gifts that connect to the material or colour. People who are throwing a bash in honour of a half-century of devotion can ask guests to dress in their most luxurious outfits to match the theme, can put gold décor up in the venue and sprinkle edible gold foil on desserts. If you are not celebrating a fifty-year landmark, this is a simple table that will tell you what all of the traditional anniversary gifts and overall themes are based on the years spent together in matrimony:

Anniversary Year: Traditional Gift:
One Paper
Two Cotton
Three Leather
Four Fruit or flowers
Five Wood
Six Iron
Seven Copper
Eight Bronze
Nine Pottery or willow
Ten Tin or aluminum
Twenty China
Thirty Pearls
Forty Ruby
Fifty Gold
Sixty Diamond


When you have figured out the theme, you will want to look for a caterer with experience serving high-quality dishes and drinks at large-scale parties — picking a family friend or trying to cover the food yourself will likely result in a disappointing meal. A professional company that does event catering in Toronto will have a fantastic menu full of appetizers, entrees and desserts for you to browse through. An amazing choice for your celebration would be The Food Dudes because they are industry experts, they are flexible with their menu and they are often considered the best event catering company Toronto has to offer.

After establishing the main theme and hiring a caterer, there are a few more details that you need to cover before the big date arrives. An obvious stage in planning an anniversary is creating invitations for the occasion and sending them out to all of your guests — splurge on intricate paper cards instead of creating an event page on social media or sending out an email. Other important steps for planning anniversary parties are getting the decorations, getting a professional photographer and booking a DJ or a live band to play music that will get everyone out of their chairs and onto the dancefloor.

This does not have to be the only event that you prepare for your major wedding anniversary — you can also plan for a gorgeous date just for the two of you to enjoy. Have a private venue, a romantic catered dinner and delightful entertainment without any of the crowds.