Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower

When a friend or family member announces they’re expecting a new baby, you’re bound to be absolutely thrilled. There are few things more exciting to look forward to than a brand-new, cuddly addition to the family. There’s no better time to celebrate the occasion than the baby shower. But then, coming up with unique gift ideas can be tricky. We’ve come up with a mixture of fun and useful presents that the baby and their parents are sure to love and use a lot. 

Fun presents

When it comes to baby showers, you can’t go wrong with a fun, silly gift. Buying something for the new baby that will make the parents smile is a great way to keep everyone happy. Here are some ideas of cute, fun gifts for your upcoming baby shower.

1. Your favorite childhood book

Buying a book you loved as a child is a great way to show that you’ve put some thought into your gift and tried to make it personal. Write a note on the first page about what you loved about this book as a kid. Whenever they read it to their newborn, they’ll think of you!

2. Funny baby onesies

Babies go through clothes faster than you can imagine. Most newborns will need an outfit change after every meal, if not even more frequently. Buying baby clothes is always useful for new parents, but you might as well go for clothes that will put a smile on your face. Bitsy Bug Boutique is a great place to start your search. They have a great selection of hilarious and adorable baby onesies. All of their onesies come with funny phrases, puns, and pictures. They’ve got a lot of onesies to choose from, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your friend’s sense of humor.

3. Cuddly toys

Cuddly babies and cuddly toys go hand in hand. Plus, they’ll be comforting for the new baby and might help them calm down or even go to sleep once in a while! You can personalize this gift by buying their favorite animal or by choosing a themed toy from their favorite film.

Useful presents

New babies are a lot of work. Your friends are probably in for a lot of sleepless nights and messy diaper changes. Opting to give them something useful will be greatly appreciated. They’ll go through cleaning supplies faster than they realize, so they really can’t have enough of the following items.

You can also give an organic baby formula, as a present.

4. The necessities

Certain items might seem incredibly boring as gifts but are probably the most useful. These new parents will need diapers, and lots of them. Cheap, bulk baby clothes, including socks and hats if it’s winter, will also be useful for emergency clothing changes.

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The new parents will also be going through roughly a package of baby wipes a day, so stocking up on these will help them immensely. Your friends will be shocked at how quickly they go through these items, and if they’re first time parents, they will most likely not have enough. The last thing they’ll want is to find themselves out of diapers when it’s too late, so buying a selection of necessities will be a blessing.

5. Clothes for when they’re a few months older

This is a gift that most people won’t think to give. Everyone will be focusing on what the baby will need immediately, but few will consider how quickly he or she will grow. Instead of giving the parents-to-be another outfit for a tiny newborn, think a little into the future. They’ll be so grateful to have fewer clothes to buy a few months down the line. Bitsy Bug Boutique stocks their onesies in sizes up to 18 months, so why not buy a few from each size?

6. Gift cards

No one will know what the parents really need more than the parents themselves. Something as simple as an Amazon gift card can be incredibly helpful. When they find themselves suddenly in need of something a few weeks after giving birth, they’ll be able to order it using your thoughtful gift.

Presents for the parents

Most people will want to bring fun, cute baby things to the baby shower. Why not think outside the box and buy a present for the mom and dad instead?

7. Pampering products

Being a mom is exhausting and stressful. Your friend will seriously appreciate some products she can use for self-care and pampering herself. Buy her some bath salts, lavender drops, and candles for an at-home spa night. Alternatively, buy her a gift card to a nearby spa that she can use when she finds a bit of time in a month or two.

8. A night off voucher

Relationships change when a baby enters the picture. The couple’s routine will change immensely, and all of their time and mental energy will be going toward this tiny new creature they’re responsible for. This leaves no time for focusing on the relationship. If you’re good with children, consider giving the couple a night off. You can let them decide when they’re ready to leave the baby with you. Pay for a meal at their favorite restaurant or tickets to a play or concert. They’ll love nothing more than a chance to get out in the real world for one night.

9. An espresso machine

Everyone knows that a new baby means little to no sleep for the parents. For those early mornings after a long, restless night, this gift will be well-used and well-loved. Save your friends the trouble of messing around with a cafetière and give them the much-needed gift of a quick shot of espresso.

We hope these ideas have given you some good inspiration for interesting, thoughtful gifts for your upcoming baby shower. Remember to personalize your gift as best as you can. That way, whatever you give will put a smile on their faces when they get around to using it in the future.