What Are Some Fun Things To Do At a Family Reunion?

Some Fun Things

A family reunion can be a stressful, reluctant affair for some or an eagerly anticipated affair for others. No matter how you—or anyone else in the family—feel about family reunions, it helps if there are things to do that everyone can enjoy together. That can be a tall order depending on how many people are at the reunion, as well as the age ranges of everyone present. Games are always a great way to get everyone involved, but what type of game should you choose?

Team sports are fun, but not everyone might be in shape. Puzzles exercise the brain, but not everyone might have the patience. So how about an activity that combines the two? How about an escape room? They are great for all age ranges and they are the perfect combination of the physical and mental. If you want to book an escape room for your family reunion, then visit the website and prepare to have a blast.

What Is An Escape Room?

The name says it all: An escape room is a room in which a group of people are locked, they then have to figure out how to get out—within a time limit—by searching the room for clues and solving puzzles that crop up.  Those clues are hidden all over the room and they tend to lead to more clues that lead to puzzles which eventually leads to the way out. The mix of finding clues and solving puzzles means that lots of different people can take part in an escape room, making it a true team-based effort. Some people may be great at finding clues, others may be better at solving certain kinds of puzzles, so everyone gets to participate.

An escape room is the perfect activity for the whole family because everyone has to work together. And since such a diverse set of skills is needed, there will always be something for everyone to do. When you think about the activities that a family could do together, the usual activities come to mind; playing board games, watching a movie, or participating in a sporting activity. However, an escape room offers an experience that combines—and in some ways improves on—those activities.

An escape room is far more immersive than a board game, it is more interactive than a movie, and has the same need for teamwork and cooperation as a sporting activity. An escape room gives you a little of everything so there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

What Kinds Of Escape Room Puzzles Should You Expect?

There are a wide variety of puzzles that you can find in an escape room, each of which requires a wide array of skills. Here are just some of the types of puzzle that you might see in an escape room:

Hidden Objects: These are among the most common types of puzzle and they usually serve as the opening puzzle to an escape room. There a few reasons for this, chief of which is that they get the players acquainted with the room and the objects within it as they search for clues.

Words and Numbers: Sometimes, the players will come across a series of letters, words, or numbers that don’t seem to make any sense in their context. The players need to decipher them to figure out what they mean so that they can progress. These puzzles won’t require that anyone in the room has a degree in mathematics or be an English major to solve them. The puzzles could involve basic mathematics equations, sudoku puzzles, or crossword puzzles. They will give your brain a workout, but they won’t cause it to meltdown.   

Physical Puzzles: These are puzzles that require the players to move or manipulate objects in a certain way and sometimes, in a certain order. Those objects can range from ones that are small enough to be handled by a single person, to larger ones that a few of the players need to team up to move. These kinds of puzzles are usually about uncovering or revealing other clues or puzzles.

Book An Escape Room For Your Family Reunion

An escape room is one of the best ways to bring the family together and keep them engaged in a fun way that gives everyone something to do. Even if your extended family is too large to fit into an escape room all at once, you can take turns and see which group solves the room the fastest. So, you don’t have to worry and scramble to find an activity that everyone can enjoy together; just take them to an escape room and prepare to create an experience that everyone will keep talking about until the next family reunion.