The Top Features to Look for in a Massage Chair

Massage Chair

When it comes to getting the right massage chair for your home, the options are endless. There are a variety of massage chairs available in the market; each comes with its own functions and amenities. Finding the perfect one that fits your budget, does all the work, and is of high-end quality can be a daunting task.If you are reading this article, chances are, you are looking to get a massage chair for yourself.

Buying a massage chair is an excellent investment indeed. However, given the range of options available, it is normal to get confused. Fortunately for you, we have compiled the perfect list that you can follow to narrow your options down to the perfect massage chair. Letís get down to it, shall we?

Massage Functions

You are probably looking for a massage chair for a number of reasons. Every user is looking for something unique when it comes to massage chairs.Maybe you are someone who needs to relax every now and then, or maybe you are someone that struggles with stiff muscles.

Massage chairs are designed to target a range of problems and come with a range of functions. These functions include heating, tapping, vibration, kneading, rolling, shiatsu, sound therapy, zero gravity, reflexology, and more. Each function serves a unique purpose, and it is up to you to pick a massage chair that has the functions you need.

Massage Areas

Another feature that you need to look for in a massage chair is the massage areas. Every massage chair has unique functions and targets specific areas. If you are looking for a massage chair that can cater to your entire body, pick the one that targets the whole body.

Some massage chairs cater to only the back, some provide leg and foot massages, while there are others who can cater to your entire body, including arms and hands. Since you will be investing a lot in a massage chair, it is best to get the one that can provide the most benefits and target the most muscles and areas.

Chair Size

The size of the massage chair is the next feature that requires your attention. Most massage chairs are designed with size and weight limitations. When browsing online, It is better to review the specifications of massage chairs before you deposit and place your order.

Massage Intensity

This is perhaps the most important feature to look for in a massage chair. Intensity is everything when it comes to massage chairs. If a massage chair offers a range of intensity options, it means it has multiple motors and is powerful. The reason why you should always look for intensity options is that after a while, your body gets accustomed to your massage chairís intensity. If the said massage chair has no option to increase the intensity or strength of the massage, you will be looking at a problem.

Fortunately for you, each massage chair comes with a description of its roller systems categorized as 2D, 3D, and 4D massage chairs. 2D massage chairs have rollers that work on X and Y axes, allowing you to adjust rollers up, down, left, and right. 3D massage chairs allow you to adjust the intensity while allowing you to adjust rollers in X, Y, and Z axes. 4D massage chairs, on the other hand, compliments 3D technology and amplify rollersí intensity, and are beneficial for people with back and shoulder problems.


Buying electric massage chairs is one thing; using them is another. If you are thinking of buying massage chairs, you should probably opt for one that is easy to use and understand. Usability is an important feature of massage chairs and perhaps the most overlooked feature as well.The last thing you want after a tiring and exhausting day is to sit and understand the buttons of your massage chairs.

Built-In Programs

Lastly, you want a massage chair that has programmed-in massage options. Fortunately for you, most massage chairs come with three to 30 pre-installed programs that offer users a unique and relaxing massage experience. When browsing for your massage chair, make sure you look for a chair with the most pre-installed programs.

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