Popular Home Improvement Ideas

Home Improvement

Whether you have just purchased a new home, you are looking to improve your living space or planning to sell in the near future, there are many excellent home improvement ideas to consider that could make a big difference to your property and add a fair amount of value to the home. Keep reading to find out a few of the more popular home improvement ideas.

New Bathroom

According to a survey of 1,275 homeowners, the most common home improvement is getting a new bathroom with 39% of respondents getting this in the last 5 years. It’ easy to see why with the bathroom getting the most use and one that can quickly become dingy, dated and unappealing quickly. Additionally, bathrooms have become a major wellness trend in recent times so many people are looking to turn their space into something that is relaxing and peaceful.

New Kitchen

Closely following in second place was installing a new kitchen at 38%. This is an area of the home that can suffer a lot of wear and tear over the years, so it is easy to see why homeowners might focus on this area. The kitchen is also the beating heart of the home, so ripping out old and worn units and replacing them with something new and modern with appliances to match can make a big difference to your life.

New Boiler

Having a new boiler or central heating system can improve the efficiency of your home. If the boiler has not been replaced in 10 years and/or does not perform to a high standard, you will find that having a new one installed can improve performance as well as help to lower your energy bills – this is particularly true if you opt for a combi boiler, which heats water directly from the mains.

Double Glazing

Leading on from this, another way that you can make your home more energy efficient is with double glazing as this can help you to maintain the temperature (as well as block out outside noise).

Curb Appeal

It is also worth looking at your property from the curb and considering ways that you can make it more attractive. This will not only put you in a better mood when you arrive home but it can also help to add value to the home as this is where a first impression is formed. A few ways to improve curb appeal include painting the front door, adding exterior lighting, new windows, fixing the roof and a pathway to the front door.

These are all smart and popular home improvements that are worth considering and could add significant value to your home.