How to Spot Leaks in Your Plumbing System

Leaks in Plumbing System

Water is essential to any home – but it should be inside a pipe, tub, sink, or an appliance like a washing machine. When water starts to get into places where it shouldn’t be, that can cause issues fast.

Unfortunately, plumbing leaks are common, even in newer homes. That’s why you should know leak detection methods to keep your home in great shape.

Pay Attention to the Water Bill

Most water bills stay about the same from one month to the next. If you notice you’re suddenly paying much more, that could be an indication of a leak. Those who aren’t monitoring their bills could end up with a leak for a long time without knowing it. During this period, damage could occur that leads to costly repairs.

The first part of leak detection is being aware of what is going on around you.

Watch the Water Meter

Another part of leak detection is watching your home water meter. To do so, turn off the faucets and any appliances that use water. Next, check the meter and write down the reading on it. Go back an hour later and check again to see if the numbers change. If they have, there is likely a leak.

Turn off your main water supply shut-off valve to find out where the leak is. Check the meter, write down the number, and wait an hour again. If the numbers have changed, the leak is in a buried line. For identical numbers, the leak is in the home.

Dye Test Your Toilet

Check around the house for puddles that might tell you where a leak is. If there are none, you should check the toilet. Take some food colouring and add it to the tank of each toilet in your home. If there is a leak, it will colour the bowl. If this occurs, you will want to bring in a plumber.

Being alert is an essential part of leak detection. Pay attention to small details and reach out to a leak detection professional if a problem is found. This expert can take care of any repairs and replacements you need to stop the leak from getting worse.