How To Maintain Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor

Wondering how to maintain your hardwood floor? Then you have come to the right place.

Now you have installed your stunning hard wood floor, you need to make sure its regularly maintained. Cleaning can become a chore, but itís the answer to keep your solid or engineered wood flooring looking tip top.

If you take good care of your floor, it will take care of you. So, letís look at the correct care you need keep up to maintain your hardwood floor.

Sand, recoat, refinish!

It is recommended that you should sand your floor every 5-10 years to keep it looking fresh. Sanding helps remove any scratches, damage, UV exposure and stains. After you have sanded your floor and its looking healthier, you need to recoat it. You can choose which ever finish you like, its all down to personal preference. But that extra layer adds protections against stains and spills.  

Vacuum Regularly

Grit and small stones are the main culprits to small scratches on wooden floors, so itís important to vacuum and sweep daily, if you can. A strong suction will help get small dust particles and other nasties out of the cracks and grooves between the planks.

Avoid spillages

Hardwood can be water resistant depending on how quick you wipe the spill away. If itís left on the surface for a long period of time, the wood will stain. We recommend you use a damp mop or cloth to minimize any water damage that may cause your wood to warp.

Cleaning products

If you are using cleaning products you need to make sure you choose the correct one. We recommend you buy from your manufacturer as this will be tailored to your specific floor. Different finishes require different products, so itís important to identify which one is best suited for your floor. Do research beforehand to avoid any harmful chemicals damaging your floor.

We can all safely say that cleaning can become a chore, but itís worth keeping it up if youíre going to have a beautiful floor at the end of it. We hope you take some of this information away with you!