How to Choose Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Planning on how to decorate the kitchen in your new dream house? Or just planning on remodeling the old one? Well why not go and search for the best available options. Do your complete research before starting because itís not every day that you get to model your kitchen and its accessories according to your taste.

A kitchen is the heart of every home where you spend a lot of time preparing healthy nutritious treats for your loved ones, or even fulfilling your dreams of becoming a master chef by trying out different recipes. A place where you spend so much of your time should definitely be designed and decorated in a way that matches your taste and give you a warm and homely feeling, somewhere you can relate to.

Choosing both appliances and cookware for your kitchen is a tricky task as you have consider both the looks and their features and performance. Installing smart and energy efficient appliances in your kitchen can definitely impact your overall kitchen budget in the long run.

Few tips and tricks to keep in mind when choosing kitchen appliances

Planning on remodeling your kitchen but confused on where to start? Donít worry, we have got you covered, follow these few simple tricks before making the final purchase and you will definitely never regret what you choose for your kitchen:

  • Make a list of all the items you need for your kitchen along with the specification you would like them to have.
  • Layout your budget.
  • Keep in mind the existing theme and colors of your kitchen.
  • Research for these appliances over the internet to get complete information regarding your options.
  • Consider buying appliances that combine more than one feature to save both space and money. Example can be a cooking range including both the burners and an oven.
  • Look for items that are both decorative and functional that fulfill different kitchen purposes.
  • When buying table covers, napkins, mats etc. for your kitchen consider those options that are easily washable and easier to maintain.
  • You can buy these appliances both from stores and online.

Cook Top or Cooking Range:

Deciding this main accessory of your kitchen, you have two different options. Either to opt for a new modern looking cook top that has its own burners and you can add downdrafts, griddles, deep-fry and steamer etc. and have a separate oven installed into the wall of your kitchen. The other option is to buy a complete cooking range that has a cook top with burners and an oven installed below. This option is more economical and space saving option that a lot of home owners prefer.


This is not an easy decision to make considering the amount of options available in the market. Various brands are offering enormous range of pots and pans with materials varying from stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and copper. Following are a few things to consider before purchasing cookware:

  • Look for durable options that are long lasting and maintain their appearance for a longer time, stainless steel cookware is considered one of the best options.
  • Have a defined budget, usually the price you are willing to pay determines the quality. Look and search for the best option that you can afford in your budget.
  • Search for options that are not high maintenance requiring you to scrub them every day to keep them presentable and shiny. Cast iron and copper cookware requires more maintenance while stainless steel cookware is easier to maintain.
  • Some cook wares metals react to some types of foods and absorb some of the metal, know the reactivity of each product before buying.

Range Hoods:

Range hoods are also an integral part of your kitchen. You might not think that it is important but the proper ventilation these range hoods provide removes all sorts of odors, fumes and heat from your kitchen and also keep it grease free. There are different type of range hoods available including ducted or non-ducted, under cabinet, wall mounted, island hoods and downdraft ventilation hoods. You can easily choose the most suitable option from all these choices. The most important feature you should consider other than the type of range hood that best fits your kitchen is the fanís ability to move air that is measured in CFM.


Purchasing the right kind of refrigerator is equally important. It is a must have appliance in order to keep your food from spoiling. Refrigerator is one of those appliances in your house that runs continuously therefore the best possible option should be sourced. There are different kinds of options available including:

  • Top freezer: freezer on top fridge on bottom.
  • Bottom freezer: bottom freezer and fridge on top.
  • French door: two narrow doors on top and a freezer below.
  • Side by side: fridge on one side and freezer on other.
  • Columns or fully integrated: these types of fridge fully integrate into your kitchen, and are difficult to distinguish from rest of the kitchen.

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