Best Things to Do When Showering ?


Do you like a hot shower last thing at night before bed or first thing to fire you up for the day ahead? You’re not alone.

Although showering is primarily seen as a way of getting clean and fast. when you consider that most people spend around 8.2 minutes showering, there’s enough time to get really clean, but it’s also enough time to do a whole lot of other things.

Think we are making that up? Check out this guide to some of the great things you can get up to while you wash for the day.

Get Creative

Showers can be invigorating and relaxing. As you relax and your brain relaxes, you get the full benefit of a massive dopamine rush. Which in turn gets your creative juices flowing. While we are not suggesting you are going to come up with the next big thing in the shower, don’t dismiss your thoughts and brainstorm while being drench with hot steamy water. 


We don’t mean say “ohm” repeatedly in a chant. What we mean by meditation is deep thought. Is there something troubling you or a challenge that has come your way? Perhaps you have been studying something and you are trying to understand it better? Whatever the reason, in the shower, is actually one of the best places to meditate.

Meditating can help treat anxiety and depression and is a good thing to incorporate into your daily routine. Choosing to do it in the shower makes sense because if there is one place you are free from distraction it’s under that beautifully hot shower.

Sing Your Heart Out

Okay, so we are entering into cliché world here a little, but before you scroll right past shower singing, you should know a few of the benefits it offers you. Aside from making you sound like Beyoncé or Frank Sinatra, singing in the shower can actually help reduce feelings of stress and depression. 

Singing in itself can have that effect and then when you add the fact that you get that massive dopamine rush, we spoke of earlier because you are so relaxed, you have double the power to keep the blues away. So, even if the world doesn’t enjoy your dulcet tones, you should be proud to join the ranks of the world’s shower singers and reap the benefits despite what others think. 

Plan Out Your Day

We’ve already spoken of how your time in the shower is free of distraction and allows you to get deep in thought for those few moments. Well, what better way of spending that uninterrupted time than to formulate a plan for the day ahead, if you haven’t already done so. It is a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to figure out the tasks you wish to complete that day and what you want to achieve without it stressing you out.

Study Something

Do you like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts? You could turn your time spent listening to audiobooks and podcasts into enhancing your knowledge or skills in a certain subject. There are plenty of great shower radios and audio devices out there these days that you should be able to find a waterproof device that will play whatever you want to listen to.

There is a lot of studies that have been conducted into the shower and bathroom being a great place to get the best out of your study materials. 

Dial Down the Water Temperature

How do you feel about freezing cold water? If you can handle lower temperature water, you could gain some surprising benefits to your health from dialing down the temperature of your shower.

According to a study conducted recently, there is evidence that colder showers can improve various kinds of fat’s metabolic rate. 

Another thought is that cold showers could reduce your uric acid levels, which is connected to the development of gout.