6 Things that Make a Great Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet

Kitchens have changed in a big way. While in the past, this room was just a place to prepare meals, it is now a place to have a good time, catch up on our social life, relax, and even watch TV. Essentially, kitchens are now full of life; and a lot of things have had to change to accommodate this paradigm shift.

Take a kitchen faucet for instance – one of the most relied upon installations in a kitchen. In the past, a faucet was just a faucet. But today, a faucet is a chance to showcase your enviable sense of style and add to the traditional functions of a kitchen faucet. Below are some reasons that better clarify why a kitchen faucet is such a big deal.

1. A Leak Free Use Experience

Faucet leaks are annoying, wasteful, and therefore a no-no for regard to any decent faucet. Modern faucets are very reliable because they can go through their entire lives without leaking. That is because they are made using hard ceramics or diamond; and wearing these materials out is practically impossible.

  1. Ability to blend with the rest of the kitchen decor

Even if you own one of the best kitchen faucets in the world, it will not do you much good if it looks out of place in your kitchen. It may offer unparalleled functionality, but if it does not fit in with the rest of the kitchen with regard to aesthetics, then it will not be the best faucet for your kitchen.

So, know what your kitchen style is. Is it modern, retro, industrial, organic or a blend of any of these? Once you know where your design outlook is like, you can go ahead and get a faucet that matches. Luckily, there are faucets that will be suitable to more than one kitchen style.

3. A Range that Covers the Sink and Beyond

A lot of washing happens in a kitchen. In fact, this process is much more convenient when the faucet has a reach that extends far beyond a specific point on the sink. Modern faucets can direct a decent stream of water to any direction within a considerable distance from the sink. The sprays on these faucets can be detached and a water spout directed to a bucket on the floor or any point near the faucet and beyond the kitchen sink.

4. An adequate Clearance

Fetching water into large pots and pans can be a challenge with many traditional faucets. A great modern kitchen faucet, fortunately, is designed to overcome this challenge. To ensure that this requirement is met, you can get your largest pan or pot and see how big of a clearance it needs so that you can get a faucet that can meet this requirement. While at it, consider the average size of your the items that you will put under the faucet – it makes little sense to get a faucet that only accommodates the space demands of one unusually large pan or pot.

5. The Brand

A good faucet brand assures you of a faucet that can provide a long life of service, and quality and reliable services over its lifetime. Buying a cheap faucet from an obscure brand might seem like a bargain, but in the end, it could turn out to be a regrettable mistake when the faucet breaks down or starts to experience leaks or premature wear and tear.

6. Easy Installation

A kitchen faucet that can be installed by any DIYer within a couple of minutes is great. On top of that, the faucet should not be messy. In addition to an easy installation experience, a good faucet and its spray should also be easy to operate.


So, above are the things that make a kitchen faucet great. In short, a good modern kitchen faucet should come from a proven brand, be easy to install, have enough clearance, blend with the kitchen’s décor, and offer a leak free use experience.