Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Window Air Conditioner Unit

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If youre lucky enough to have central air conditioning, you probably dont have to think too much about how to maximize A/C efficiency. You just have to make sure your HVAC system is clean and the filter is changed.

But if you live in a smaller home or apartment, and only have a single window-based air conditioner unit, you may be wondering how to maximize its cooling efficiency and make sure your entire home is cooled, despite having only one unit.

In this guide, well give you some of our top tips on how to maximize the efficiency and cooling power of your window A/C unit.

  1. Make Sure The Unit Is Clean And Well-Maintained

Every HVAC system needs repairs and maintenance, and despite their smaller size, window air conditioners are no different. Most HVAC professionals are more than happy to do basic maintenance and repairs on window-based units, often for quite a low fee.

By ensuring that your A/C unit is clean, has appropriate levels of refrigerant, and is otherwise in good repair, you can increase its cooling efficiency and performance quite a bit.

  1. Consider A Shaded Housing For Your A/C Unit

Direct sunlight can raise temperatures by 15 degrees or even more. If your window unit is exposed to peak sunlight in its location every day, one step you can take to ensure it works more efficiently is buy a window unit shade, and install it on the outside of the unit. This shade will help keep direct sunlight off of the unit, which can increase its efficiency by a large margin.

  1. Choose Between Compartmentalization Or Maximum Airflow

There are two basic options you have when using a window-based A/C unit.

First, you could choose to keep one room at a very low temperature, while allowing the rest of your home and apartment to be much warmer. By closing and insulating the doors and areas in which your A/C unit is located, you can keep one room very cool without spending too much on your power bill. This is compartmentalization, and usually used for bedrooms, as sleeping in the heat can be very difficult.

Your other option is to try to maximize the airflow of your window air conditioner unit. Often, these units do not have the best airflow, so they will only cool the room in which they are installed. How can you mitigate this issue, and spread the cool air throughout your home?

Fans are the answer. You can place small fans near your air conditioner, and point them towards other areas of your home, to make sure that cool air is able to flow into warmer areas of your home. This maximizes the efficiency of your air conditioner. This method will likely mean your A/C will cost more to run but it does help lower the temperatures all throughout your home, instead of in just a single room.

  1. Dont Get Greedy

It may be tempting to bring the temperature of your home down to a chilly 66 degrees Fahrenheit especially if its blisteringly hot outside. But doing so is a big mistake. As a rule, 78 degrees is the ideal indoor temperature.

Beyond 78 degrees, your energy consumption increases by about 8% for each degree lower than 78. This means that keeping your A/C unit at 78 rather than 70 could save you 48% on your power bill though this number may vary based on your unit.

Follow These Tips Keep Cool, Even With Just One Window Air Conditioner Unit

While it may not be as nice as central air conditioning, a window unit is still a huge blessing when the thermometer begins to soar. And with this guide, you can maximize the cooling power and efficiency of your window air conditioner unit and stay cool this summer!