List of foods that lower Blood Sugar

lower Blood Sugar

If you have diabetes, your diet can greatly impact your condition. This is why a healthy balanced diet is essential when managing diabetes symptoms and controlling your life. Being informed about your condition and the specific type of diabetes you have will also aid in controlling the condition. A healthy diet that consists mainly of low GI foods and routine moderate exercise are just a few ways that you can control diabetes easily on a long term basis.

While managing diabetes, self-monitoring your blood sugar levels can help you ensure that you are eating at the right times and there are various different types of diabetes monitors available that offer different functions. Some diabetes monitors require a finger prick to provide a small blood sample while others require a small skin lance, although, both are relatively pain-free procedures that will effectively help you monitor your glucose levels. These monitors can be purchased from various accredited online medical suppliers conveniently, and they are as essential as medication such as insulin for controlling diabetes.

When it comes to a healthy diet, we have compiled a list of foods that can lower your blood sugar levels for your convenience.

#1 Whole wheat bread

Most types of bread are high in carbs and raise blood sugar levels and therefore, you should avoid most types of bread. Whole wheat bread is pleasingly low GI and processing diminishes the fibrous outer shells of the grains, helping to slow digestion and control blood sugar levels.

#2 Fruits

With an exception of pineapples and melons, most fruit will help lower blood sugar levels and have a low GI score of roughly 55 or even less. This is mainly because fruits have a high content of water and fiber to balance fructose, which is naturally occurring sugar. However, as fruits ripen, their GI score is likely to rise. Fruit juice should be avoided because the juicing process removes the fibrous skins and seeds and may increase risks of diabetes.

#3 Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are far more nutritious and have a lower GI score when compared to regular potatoes. There are studies that show it can be greatly beneficial for those with diabetes and that it may help lower blood sugar levels and other symptoms of diabetes. Substituting sweet potatoes with regular potatoes is a great way to keep healthy.

#4 Oatmeal and oat bran

With a low GI score of 55 and less, oatmeal and oat bran are healthy mal options to control your blood sugar levels. Studies show that these foods lower glucose and insulin responses after a meal, improve sensitivity to insulin, and reduce blood fats, which is great. You should still try and limit your consumption of oatmeal and oat bran because one cup, unfortunately, contains 28g of carbohydrates.

#5 Nuts

Most nuts are a rich source of dietary fiber and they are also low GI. They usually contain high levels of plant proteins and unsaturated fats, as well as various other beneficial nutrients such as antioxidant, magnesium, and potassium. Pleasingly, there are studies that show nuts can be beneficial for diabetes symptoms, which is great. It is recommended to rather opt for unprocessed nuts and whole nuts as a healthier option.

#6 Legumes

Legumes also have desirably low GI score, which is great for lowering blood pressure and controlling diabetes. Legumes include foods such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, and peas and they contain high sources of fiber, complex carbohydrates, and protein. Legumes can improve glycemic control and they can also lower the risk of coronary heart disease for those with type 2 diabetes.

#7 Garlic

Garlic is commonly used in traditional medicines aimed at treating diabetes and a number of other conditions. This is because garlic may be able to reduce blood sugar levels by improving sensitivity to insulin as well as improving insulin secretion. You can incorporate garlic into your diet by eating it raw, or by cooking with it when preparing your meals.

#8 Yogurt

Plain yogurt is another low GI food that can be enjoyed to help lower blood sugar. You should try to avoid sweetened and flavoured yogurts as they would contain too much sugar. There are some studies that show plain yogurt may be able to lessen the risk of type 2 diabetes, although, other dairy products do not exactly increase risks.

Other options to help lower your blood sugar

While eating a nutritious and healthy balanced diet is essential for controlling your blood sugar, there are also other key factors that you should incorporate into your life to stay healthy and keep your blood sugar levels as they should be. SAMDA healing energy is one of those methods that can really help in boosting up the lowering level of energy caused by diabetes. It can also be used to cure diabetes and other chronic issues and can help to accelerate the effectiveness of any kind of treatment (medical, homeopathy, herbal etc.) for being a completely compatible way of cure. 

It is crucial to always stay well hydrated by drinking water and opting for routine exercise. You should try not to skip any meals as this would directly affect your blood sugar and taking control of any stress with also help your body stay healthy. Furthermore, weight loss and weight gain can also be an effective way to maintain suitable blood sugar and eating small portions regularly is also advised.

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