Is My Addiction Bad Enough? 3 Signs You Should Go to Rehab

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Addiction is a serious matter and you might feel like you can’t escape. As a result, your life could spiral out of control. Don’t wait for rock bottom as circumstances can always get worse. Here are three signs you should go to rehab.

You Cause Harm to Yourself and Others

Whether it’s physical, mental, or obligational, if you’re causing harm to yourself or others, then you should consider rehab. This could mean missing work or work events because of your addiction, or something as extreme as harming yourself or someone else while influenced by drugs or alcohol. Even missing special outings for friends and family, such as a birthday party or anniversary, because of your addiction can cause harm to your relationships and tarnish your support group. Addiction, unfortunately, can push people away and damage all of your relationships.

If a loved one gives you an intervention or you are a loved one who’s looking for information about interventions (Canadian Centre for Addictions’ interventions are 85 percent effective), then that’s a clear sign that you should go to rehab. After all, your friends and family believe you’re approaching the point of no return and are opting to tell you how your addiction affects them and how it’s harming you. While it can feel like you’re being attacked, it’s important to remember that this situation is also tough on them and they’re only trying to do what’s best for you.

Your Addiction Takes Over Your Life

Another clear sign you should go to rehab is your addiction takes over your life. This could mean many different things. It could mean all of your money is used to support your addiction. It could mean lying to the people who care about you and are trying to help. It could mean missing work, as mentioned above. It could mean only attending events that have, for example, alcohol present. It could mean consuming the moment you get up and just before you sleep. It could mean never moving forward and on with your life because you’re always under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Addiction can have a negative effect in many different ways. In less severe cases, it could lead to hangovers and you not being your best, always feeling foggy and possibly plagued by headaches, irritability, and anxiety. It’s a cycle that will continue until you are able to stop.

The sad part is that addictions don’t typically only affect the user but the people who associate with the user as well. If you believe your addiction is starting to take over your life, then we encourage you to receive medical attention as soon as possible as circumstances can get much worse over time.

You Try to Quit and Can’t

If you try to quit on your own but can’t, then you should consider rehab. This means you want to get better and are trying. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. Drugs and alcohol are addictive and addiction can be harder to break over time.

Rehab can give you the time and space to quit and get your life back. You’ll be monitored by health experts in a safe environment. Not only will these professionals help you quit, but therapy during rehab can help you better understand why you started abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place and why you continued down that path.

Quitting on your own, in some cases, can be dangerous because of withdrawals. Having a support group guide you through the process can be stronger, uplifting, and more effective.

If you’re familiar with these signs, then you should consider going to rehab. Getting medical attention, no matter how severe or light you believe your addiction to be, could be the best decision you ever make.